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Mack, 28. is a regular starter in the past 80 games for Madden 23 coins  The Browns and has been a solid player within the front of the offense. He’s now only a few months away from entering the free agency market. He stands a strong chance at becoming the highest-paid player in Madden NFL 23. possibly eclipsing the seven-year, five-year, $54 million contract Nick Mangold received from the New York Jets in 2010.

This means that the Browns could be forced to open their wallets in a massive way to reach an extended deal with Mack before he hits the market. If not it is possible, the Browns may decide to offer Mack that franchise tag. This would be essentially guarantee his stay in Cleveland at the very minimum until the start of 2014.

If Mack gets the franchise tag though the safety T.J. Ward cannot. The Pro Bowl safety is another priority for the offseason for Farmer, and the value associated with the franchise tag the safety position is approximately three times the amount of offensive linemen, which means the Browns may be able to save cash by offering Ward the tag instead of Mack.

Mack was selected in the first round during the 2009 Madden NFL 23 Draft out of the University of California and he has started every game since entering the league. Mack has earned Pro Bowl trips in 2010 and 2013.

BE GENUINE: Cam Newton absorbs a lots of snide comments for an athlete who has been exemplary since joining Madden NFL 23. If Newton isn’t sick of it but, Panthers fans certainly are.

BE FUN: The Madden NFL 23 pulled the rug from under Tony Romo’s fantasy football league and, from the controversy that has followed – including allegations by Romo of the fact that Madden NFL was trying to strong-arm players so they wouldn’t participate as players. We’ve also seen another time that the league has a terrible sense of fun, if not a troubling revenge-seeking streak. Don’t believe us buy madden nfl 23 coins for it. Below is the (since-deleted) tweet by a troll that it was Madden NFL 23 sent after Romo’s remarks.

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