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Every chatbot operates in the same way as a person would communicate with any customer support employee, it replies to each customer with the best possible answer that meets their needs, that too in a conversational tone.


Are you tired of waiting for telephone operators to assist you  in shopping or making any other inquiry related to the brand? Do you want some automated process to solve all your concerns without waiting for long? Well, technology has made a major discovery in this specific area by the introduction of chatbots that are 24/7 automated assistance for its users.

One of the research study by Oracle has proved that by 2020, 80% of the companies are planning to use chatbots to offer smooth customer service and business growth. Another study conducted by Facebook states that 56% of the customer prefer contacting customer service through messages rather than getting assistance via phone call. Businesses have taken this study seriously and by the implementation of chatbots in their software, they are ensuring that their clients get seamless assistance at any point of time.

Did you ever approach any assignment help online? Have you observed the integration of chatbots on their website to ask couple of basic questions and guide you with approaching the writer that suits you best? This is how chatbots helps in providing assistance to customer so that they would be completely satisfied with your services.

What exactly is a chatbot?

To put in simple words, chatbots are software integrated on brand’s websites or application that can talk with humans through live chat at any point of time. There are two types of chatbots

1.Simple Chatbots:  

Simple chatbots work by answering the customer query by replying with pre-packaged answers. It scans through the keywords mentioned in the query and then reply with the answer according to that keyword.

2.Artificial Intelligence – powered Chatbots:  

Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are more professional and natural-like. They answer the customer’s query in a more conversational tone and also understand the customer’s information to offer personalized experience.


Here is some of the way that chatbots help in enhancing customer experience and boost business growth.

Seamless Live-Chat and 24/7 customer service

Since every chatbot operates in the same way as a person would communicate with any customer support employee, it replies to each customer with the best possible answer that meets their needs, that too in a conversational tone.

With the help of analyzing keywords and in customer’s query, chatbots deliver responses through a live chat with the software integrated in company’s website or application. So, customers will be no more in trouble to search through company’s customer support employee online and ask them questions.

Do you often feel that you need to ask some urgent queries to customer support staff but it is their off day? Well, chatbots have made it convenient for you to approach the 24/7 seamless service even when the representatives are unavailable. So, there is no more waiting of email replies and voice messages, as chatbtos will not only deliver best solutions to the clients, they also promises to provide the feeling of chatting with live customer service operator.

Less IVR-induces Stress for Customers

Bestassignmentwriter ask that have you ever experience the long waiting times in an IVR (interactive voice responses) when your call is transferred to your desired destination department through a long process? Such systems ask multiple questions or require some transferring number to be entered to transfer to the support staff and even then you have to wait in case of multiple calls on line.

Chatbots have been able to provide stress-free and quick service to the customers by either providing an appropriate answer or lead them directly to correct human representative. In fact, in one of the recent surveys, it has been found that 70% of the customers would prefer using chatbots to get their tasks accomplished through a rapid and streamlined process.

Personalized Customer Experience

Since every customer would love to have a personalized assistant throughout the purchase journey and even after that, chatbots have been designed to have capabilities to offer pre-purchase guidance to post-purchase customer support.

Once the company is able to achieve this goal, they not only leave a good impact to their customers, they are also successful in building a strong customer base where their clients will look forward to keep coming back to their clients.

Facebook ads Can Be Powered by Chatbot Technology

Chatbots allows users to directly view the chat window in Facebook messenger, upon clicking up the ad, rather than sending your potential clients to your home page or application. Since you have already acquired each user’s insights and information, you can even personalize your ads to convince the potential clients from the very first impression.

Upon gaining good understanding of your target audience, you can reach out to your potential customers and there are higher chances that they start interacting with your brand’s bot.

With the services offered by chatbots mentioned in this article and countless other capabilities, it can be efficiently used by companies to enhance their customer service experience resulting in business expansion and growth.


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Author: Andrew Lewis | Created at: 15.04.2019


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