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When it comes to deciding which cross-platform to use for your mobile app development project, there are these three options to select from, i.e., react native, flutter, and ionic. React Native and Flutter both are very advanced software development tools.

Flutter is developed and supported by Google while React Native is developed by software engineers at Facebook. Ionic was developed by Driffy Co. and is one of the oldest programming languages.

The article below discusses the major attributes of all three of them to let you decide which platform you should use to design your app that reaches the heights of popularity and brings lots of business. Let’s dive in!

Comparing the Major Attributes of React Native, Flutter, and Ionic

1. Programming Language

React Native: When it comes to choosing the framework based on the programming language, React Native app development services might be the top choice of developers as it is based on JavaScript, which is currently one of the most famous and dynamic languages for developing hybrid apps.

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Flutter: Since Flutter is developed by Google, it uses Dart, an in-house language. It helps you develop applications for Android, iOS, as well as the web.

Dart is still not as famous as JavaScript. But despite being a baby language, it has a huge potential to take the industry by storm in the future.

Ionic: It uses numerous technologies (including HTML5, CSS, and JS) to develop and run applications. Also, to access the Cordova wrapper and use native platform controllers. To enhance the quality of the code, you can also use TypeScript while using Ionic.

2. Execution and Reusability of the Code

React Native: The main objective for writing codes with React Native is pretty simple; that is to use a single codebase to develop apps on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. It reduces the resources of react native app development company in terms of time and cost.

Flutter: The main reason for Flutter’s popularity is that it provides a vast toolkit that enables developers to create top-notch apps using ready-to-use widgets, APIs, and its own rendering engine. Mobile app developers can create amazing mobile experiences for users by using the rich feature set of Flutter.

Ionic: By using Ionic developers can create various applications reusing the code. Its motto is “one code base, any platform”. This gives developers a privilege to use the same codebase and build a highly interactive app and that too in a short span of time.

3. Popularity and Community

React Native: When it comes to comparing the popularity and community support, React Native development steals the show. The network of developers in React Native is rapidly increasing as compared to Flutter, and Ionic because it uses the most essential web development language, JavaScript, and uses popular react libraries.

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Flutter: As Flutter is a baby framework, it has a smaller community in comparison to React Native and Ionic. But the fact that it is owned by Google, and it is advertised very intensely makes it a highly popular community in the future.

Ionic: Ionic has the second-highest community and a great marketplace too. Because it is one of the oldest frameworks, it has often improved its components.

4. Performance

React Native: With React Native application development services, you can build an app that provides a native look and feel, since it uses native APIs and components.

Flutter: Without neglecting the excellent performance that both platforms, React Native and Ionic deliver, Flutter goes a step ahead of them. It provides ready-to-use plugins, a wide range of widgets, and its own rendering engine. These features help you to build beautiful, high-performance cross-platform apps.

Ionic: Distinct from many other frameworks, Ionic utilizes advanced web technologies, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Which helps to create high-performing hybrid apps. It also features a drawback, it needs plugins and third-party packages to encase your application in a native cover.

5. User Interface

React Native: React Native mobile app development company uses React libraries that feature amazing UI designs so that the developers can deliver a native-like app experience.

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Flutter: Indeed, Flutter offers the best user interface by just kipping interactive bridges with native components, that is why a huge number of mobile app development companies prefer to use Flutter for creating cross-platform apps.

Ionic: Ionic completely relies upon web technologies, like HTML and CSS, to create a native-type app experience, but it also accesses Cordova to attain the look and feel of native apps.

Ending Notes

After a thorough comparison of the best cross-platform, we suggest you use React Native app development to create your app. Also, the selected platform depends on the needs and requirements of your project.

The above article clarifies the confusion about which platform to select to design your app, if you still have any questions regarding app development, feel free to contact us!

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Author: charles colin | Created at: 23.04.2022


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