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Windows was Unable to Complete the Format, a common issue occurs when you want to format your any type of disk if your disk gets damaged. If you have the same problem, stay calm. Go with this post, the tried-and-true methods will help you.


Method 1. Format disk by Computer Management

Method 2. Format disk by Command Prompt



Method 1. Format disk by Computer Management

1) Open Disk Management by steps below.

 Type diskmgmt.msc in the search box from your Windows Start button.

 Click diskmgmt program on the top.

Note: This way to open Disk Management suits for any Windows system.




2) Right-click on the disk you want to format.

Then click Format.




3) Click OK and Yes when asked be sure of the formatting.




Now your disk is formatted successfully!



Method 2. Format disk by Command Prompt

1) Click Start button.

Find and right-click on Command Prompt.

Then choose Run as administrator.





2) Click Yes when prompted by UAC.




3) Type diskpart and hit Enter.

Go on to type list disk and hit Enter.

Then you can find your disk including the one you want to format.

(Here mine is Disk 1 according to its size)




4) Type the items below and hit enter one by one.

a) Type Select disk volume (eg. for mine, I should type Select Disk 1) and hit Enter.

b) Type clean and hit Enter.

c) Type create partition primary and hit Enter.

d) Type format fs=ntfs quick and hit Enter.




5) When DiskPart successfully formatted the volume pops up, close the cmd window.




Now your disk is formatted successfully!

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catramognu catramognu over 1 year

You must be one of those people who depend so much on computers to help them accomplish their daily tasks at work. Sometimes, the computer is all you need to finish your work. How to Fix Windows was Unable to Complete the Format

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