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Where to Get Playlists For Your MP3 Players

Filling Up Your Playlist

Today’s MP3 technology gives user the power to be a disc jockey on their own, letting people play songs they want anywhere anytime. This has been the biggest boost technology offered to people who can hardly survive a day without listening to their favorite songs or artists.

There are countless of

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MP3 songs available out there, they can be arranged into a playlist according to genre, artist and album, or mix everything together.


You can rip and convert music into MP3 format from your collection of CDs at home and place it inside your player. Some MP3 players even have this feature on its software. To rip songs, simply follow these 5 easy steps:

1.Place the CD inside your PC’s CD drive 2.Choose tracks of the song/s you want to rip and convert to mp3 format 3.Convert the song/s 4.Copy the file to your hard disk 5.Download the file to your player

For Free and For Fee

Many websites online sell music in MP3 and even in Video formats. iTunes, is one of the most popular brand of downloadable songs. They also offer some songs for free as a way to introduce new artists.

Another option for music downloads is subscription-based plan like the Rhapsody. It provides various songs you want to have in one flat fee. There are two types of Mp3 formats on this subscription, the copy-protected and unprotected. In copy-protected, songs can’t be shared or copied, this also means that if your subscription is over, you can no longer play the music in your mp3 player. This system enforces the subscription agreement and limits the burning of songs. In the second one – unprotected files, often offered by for free, music and song files are unrestricted, they can be copied any time, can be downloaded to your played and be used forever

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