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Shipping From China to USA
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Shipping From China to USA: Definitive Guide 2021

Importing from China is pretty common these days. The country boasts numerous wholesale websites and markets for you to choose from. This allows you to purchase premium quality goods at affordable prices.

However, one of the most important parts of the entire importing process is “Shipping”. There are several shipping modes available through which you can get your goods delivered from China to America.

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  • 1. Shipping From China to USA: Definitive Guide 2021
  • 2. 1.Important Terms and Abbreviations commonly used in International Freight Shipping:
  • 3. 2.Freight Forwarding from China to USA
    • 3.1. 1.Ocean/Sea Freight Shipping to USA from China
    • 3.2. 2.Air Freight Shipping from China to USA
    • 3.3. 3.Courier Service Shipping from China to US
  • 4. 3.Shipping from China to USA: The Element of Time
    • 4.1. 1.Time taken by an Air Freight for shipping goods from China to USA
    • 4.2. 2.Time taken by a Sea Freight for shipping goods from China to USA
    • 4.3. 3.Time taken by Courier shipping for transporting goods from China to USA
  • 5. 4.Cost of Shipping from China to US
    • 5.1. A.Composition of Sea Freight Cost
    • 5.2. B.Air Freight Cost Composition
    • 5.3. C.Import Tax, Custom Duty and Tariff
  • 6. 5.Tips for saving time while Shipping from China to USA
    • 6.1. A.Preventing Time Delays In China
    • 6.2. B.Preventing Time Delays in USA
  • 7. 6.Tips for Choosing the Right Freight Forwarder
    • 7.1. 1: Does your freight forwarder have the capability of offering the exact services you are in need of?
    • 7.2. 2: Are they experienced?
    • 7.3. 3: Do they have contacts in China?
    • 7.4. 4: Can the freight forwarder meet your expectations?
    • 7.5. 5: How elaborate is your freight forwarder’s network of contacts?
    • 7.6. 6: Does your freight forwarder offer a quality customer service?
  • 8. 7.FAQs
  • 9. Conclusion
  • 10. Tips about how to reduce shipping cost when import from china
    • 10.1. 1. Plan for Product Shipping
    • 10.2. 2. Choose the Right Shipping Provider
    • 10.3. 3. Optimize Packing
    • 10.4. 4. Choose the Right Container
    • 10.5. 5. Get Freight Insurance
    • 10.6. 6. Increase Shipping Lead Time
    • 10.7. 7. Ship on Off-peak Days
    • 10.8. 8. No Unnecessary charges
    • 10.9. 9. Do not Classify Everything as Urgent

However, the concept of “Shipping” isn’t as simple as it appears. You should be aware of shipping costs, time and several other related factors before you can claim to have a complete grip on the concept in question.

We have prepared this thorough guide to help you understand the complete process of shipping goods from China to USA.

By the end of this article, not only will you be equipped with the knowledge of different terms and modes of shipping, but also with the essential tips and tricks to save time and money. That being said, let’s get started!

Shipping From China to USA

1.Important Terms and Abbreviations commonly used in International Freight Shipping:

Incoterms:  Refer to the rules that help traders in determining the responsibilities and concerned accountabilities of the buyers and sellers.

If you are into the importing business, you are highly recommended to get a hold of these terms. The incoterms mentioned below are acceptable in international trade contracts as well.

FOBConsidered ideal by both the buyer and seller, FOB or _Free on Board _is among the most used shipment terms.

According to it, the supplier remains responsible and liable for the products only until they are received by the carrier at a shipping point.

Once the products arrive at the designated point, the complete responsibility and liability of goods are handed over to the buyer.

FOB is further divided into two types i.e. FOB shipping point__ _and FOB destination point. As per the former, the supplier’s responsibilities and liabilities are transferred to the buyer once the shipment leaves the Chinese port._

According to FOB destination point, the responsibility changes hands as soon as the products reach the port of destination (USA in our case).

It should be noted that FOB can only be used while shipping goods from China to USA via sea freight.

CIF: A CIF or Cost, Insurance, Freight agreement requires the supplier to take complete responsibility of goods. This includes shipping cost and insurance.

The responsibility shall last until the buyer receives their products (at the point of destination or any other mutually agreed on address).

The buyer should make the payment once the goods reach the designated point of destination.

Since the suppliers have to put in extra effort in such kind of agreement, they add additional charges. These extra charges are in short a compensation for their services.

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catramognu catramognu over 1 year

You have three options in shipping your goods from China, and when you choose which method you are going to use should consider the total volume and weight of your shipment. The first method of shipping your goods is through air shipment. It is advantageous if you need products to be shipped to you in a short time, if the products are of low volume, low weight and are of value, and of your order is small. Shipping from China to Usa

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Mary Lee 11 months

Nice, an excellent shipping guide to us. I read the whole guide, and I learned a lot from this guide. For sure, I will take note of all of this information because next week, I am planning to find a freight forwarder Miami for my shipping plan.

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