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Advantages of Portable MP3 Players

Portable MP3 Players have taken the world by storm primarily owing to its compact size, solid-state technology and large memory capacity. MP3 Players enjoy distinct advantages compared to portable music players chiefly because there is no room for MP3 players missing whether the user is taking a bumpy car ride, having a jog or cycling on an uneven road or path. All your favourite MP3 songs or other audible forms of media can be normally stored in Flash Memory systems that is either built-in on the Sony Memory Stick, Compact Flash cards or SmartMedia - the same type of cards & sticks we use for digital cameras and that can also be operated with the portable MP3 players in the same manner.

The process of preparing MP3 files has become quite simple these days. First, MP3 files are prepared on a PC by either downloading songs form the Internet, compressing music from a CD format or producing its original source on MP3 software. You can then download the files through the computer’s USB

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or parallel port straight away into the MP3 Player or reader or removable drive that accepts the card/stick of choice. Most portable players nowadays are packed with software programs to facilitate the process of downloading.

Compared to CD Players, Portable MP3 Players have solid state memory that determines the amount of data they can store. You can make use of the compression format for compressing a 32MB stored on a CD to 1.6MB that can be stored on a MP3 Player. Therefore, even a low-cost portable MP3 can hold roughly about 4 hours of quality music.

If you are going to use the portable MP3 Player in moving vehicles or carry it around while you are jogging, cycling or walking - a model that has a microdrive is a welcome option. Microdrives like hardrives are used in PCs but they are much smaller.

Similar to a regular hard drive there is a chance of occurrence of a skip in case the MP3 player is jostled. But compared to flash drive, MIicrodrives have the advantages of both storage capacity and is much economical. Like a Flash drive, Microdrives can carry anywhere from 10 to 15 times media clearly making the portable MP3 Player a musical powerhouse.

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