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You need to know these

1, Path of Exile itself is a free game, and this update is free.

2, Path of Exile: Blight, the latest alliance of popular ARPG, released on September 6.

3, the most important thing for this update is to add a new tower defense style game.

The action RPG made by Grinding Gear Games, a subsidiary of Tencent has achieved great success. This game essentially mimics Diablo III, but this game Still is a very good games , the fast of the update speed, and the amazing depth of the game. Constantly introduce some new game mechanics, so that players remain curious and enthusiastic. If you want to get a better gaming experience, I think at should have the POE Orbs you need.

This update of blight brings a new type of innovative game mode. In the game, the game mode of tower defense is added, which makes the soldier also become an important part of the game, and also carries a lot of rewards, of course, if you Want to get more POE Orbs PS4 then you should try The entire melee system has also undergone large-scale changes, which is worthy of surprise for the players.

If you used to be a tower defense game player, then blight will give you a sense of familiarity, players need to interact with the new NPC of cassia nun, and cassia will help the player to resist the monster’s attack, cassia can Building towers, each with different attributes, and can be upgraded continuously, which requires players to adjust their tactics in time to survive the monster attack, and when the player successfully resists the monster’s attack, you will get a very generous reward.

Looking forward to this update, the latest Path of Exile: blight will be unlocked on the PC on September 6th, followed by the Xbox and PlayStation 4 on September 8.

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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 07.09.2019


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