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Since the Path of Exile: blight update, the action role-playing game “Path of Exile” has been plagued by many technical problems. This has even affected the number of players. Developers are desperately looking for solutions. However, it still cannot be solved.

What is blight? The latest Path of Exile was launched on September 6th and introduced a pattern similar to Tower Defense, in which you must fight the fungus monster. The main tasks of the day, the second skill bar, etc. also brought updates. However, there are a lot of technical problems with this update. A large number of players have suffered frequent crashes including hidden error messages, complaints about FPS burglary, and servers are very unstable. At the same time, Grinding Gear Games proposed and confirmed these. problem. Unfortunately, developers also believe that they have not found the cause of many problems. Get the latest development, pay attention to, buy cheap POE Orbs.

Although many patches are currently officially released, these patches only provide minimal improvements. Most problems still exist. The team promised to work hard on the patch. But there is no specific time to solve the problem. Crashes, performance degradation, and server instability are all common on all platforms. Grinding Gear Games explained that they are more violent on consoles than on PCs. However, after a long three weeks, the player gradually lost patience, and many people could not open the game at all. For others, the problem is not so serious. But they are annoying. The items in your account are also valuable assets. When you are sure to quit, you can choose to trade, professional POE Chaos Orb dealers, you can use with confidence.

In any case, let us bless Path of Exile, I hope the official can solve these problems faster.

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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 25.09.2019


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