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The latest update implements a lot of procedural fixes, including some bugs in ps4 and Xbox one versions will be fixed in this release.

The focus of this update is on the console’s fix, which includes the player’s mistake of throwing items to the ground instead of hiding when moving items quickly. Players don’t have to worry about losing items later, the same this time. The update also solves the problem of client crashes that may occur in the “Delve Stash” tab. The latest tower defense mode that appeared in the previous version, the same problem that occurs when the player encounters Blight and the client crashes. solve. Some players encounter the problem of using the lifting ghost, the target circle can not be displayed in your hiding place has also been repaired, the official of the entire Path of Exile is keen to draw fans’ advice, and actively carry out error repair, so good Attitude promotes the game in a better direction. is a website established by loyal players of POE. Buy POE Currency , get Path of Exile information, please follow us. brings you some other improved introductions, including restoring the “broken” sound to versions before 3.8.0. Now, depending on the level of the map you are currently in, the number of drops on the withered map will be minimized. For example, in the 5th-floor map, the withered maps of the 1st to 5th floors will fall. In the Level 6 map, you will receive a level 6 withering map (never receive a 1 to 5 level fade map). Fixed a bug that caused the “x# chance of the extra box to drop the bonus” to cause the withered box to drop additional random items instead of the bonus that matches the box type. Fixed a bug in Delve City that didn’t apply to players. Fixed an error that prevented the death aura of the unique body armor given by the death vow when removing and repositioning the gem. Adjust the spoils: POE Currency, POE PS4 Currency , Exalted Orb drop probability.

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