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A new item that the monster drops: oil. When you resist the monster’s attack, you will get a special oil, you can use it to improve special items, no longer a random result of traditional style, you will get a guaranteed reward by getting different oils. The effects of different oils are different. There are up to twelve different types. If you need POE Currency, try to provide a safe and reliable. When you combine the three oils, you will get stronger oil. If you plunder the space of vegetarians, the rewards should be better from Patch 3.8 and bring other Legion items.

The new version of the main task will become more flexible,Previously, you had to complete master missions of Einhar, Zana, Niko & Co whenever you encountered them in areas of the Atlas. This has caused stress if you just wanted to go just a little Mappen. For this reason, the developers have made it possible for you to pick up master encounters for later: simply appeal to the Master, save a mission, and later start from the shelter when you feel like it. For each vine/line of the monster you defend, there are additional rewards at the end of the withering battle of the exile, such as new oil. you get POE Chaos Orb, you can trade at

Summoners and devious assassins can look forward to new skills and improvements in their ways of playing. Because the two ascetic classes Assassin and Saboteur as well as the necromancer of the witch receive support in different forms. New gems of necromancer boost their monsters with more speed, focus, and other buffs. In addition, she can now rely on a Aasgolem, which strengthens the other Minions. The Assassin, on the other hand, receives a selection of new poison gems that he uses to slay his victims. In addition, this way of playing gets through the new mechanics “escape” more defensive and escape options. Saboteurs can rely on small Arachnobots as companions, which strengthen the damage of mines. The entire playing style of mines should even have been changed - thrown mines are active faster, explode in a sequence and should be more worthwhile as a sequence detonation.

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