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The recent Path of Exile has just updated the new version of blight, and added the tower defense mode to the game, but some players may not be able to enjoy the new mode. Some players have encounter that the new version is prone to crash and the game is not smooth. Phenomenon, the official pointed out in the forum’s explanation post, because the common monsters in the new version have been strengthened, it takes longer for the player to kill the ordinary monsters, which has higher requirements for the computing power of the server. In the previous version, the server only needs to calculate some powerful targets. In the new version, the mobs become harder to kill. Buy POE Orbs in will make you more powerful, Efficiently eliminate small monsters, and also add a variety of different Attributes, the longer the entire combat time, and the more calculations the server needs to provide, At present, the official has paid attention to this problem and has taken measures to solve it.

Regarding the graphics-driven crash, some users will encounter a black screen flashback when performing certain tasks, and then return to the game error report. The developer has contacted Nvidia and will be resolved in the next update. Players can expect that if you want to catch up with the backward process, the Cheap POE Items provided by will be a good choice. Besides, the issue of console performance is also under discussion. Many of the above problems are more manifested in the console. Seriously, the official has also paid attention to it. Once progress is made in this area, it will be updated as soon as possible.

At present, although there are still some minor mistakes and flaws, the official positive attitude gives the players great confidence and expects the game to develop in a better direction.


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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 23.09.2019


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