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Path of Exile: Blight has announced that it has been half a month, when the players are still cheering for the new tower defense mode, the developers are already considering the next year update, some employees of the Grinding Gear Games team are updating for the new version Some of the bugs were fixed, and the feedback from the players was collected to adjust the game mechanics. The current main task of more developers is the next update this year. According to the announcement, the next update of 3.9.0 will be announced in December.

Mega-Update 4.0 needs to wait until the end of next year, the official is currently discussing the future and direction of the game with the players in the community. In the newly updated Path of Exile: Blight, the developers bring a new tower defense mode to the players, which is an interesting The idea is to combine the fighting style of the exile road with the game mode of the tower defense and prepare a generous reward for each tower defense level. If you can’t win, or you can’t pass the tower defense level, can help you improve the strength of the character, Buy Exalted Orb can help you quickly improve, to get better loot, This is a good start.

As can be seen from the official update announcement, in the future, every 13 weeks, players will be greeted with an update until Mega-Update 4.0. And, the latest game show about mega will be released in November. If players are concerned about the latest updates, please pay attention to, to provide you with the latest POE news, POE Orbs.

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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 30.09.2019


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