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After the new version of Path of Exile: blight, the development team is already preparing for the next expansion. In the latest community communication, the development team will express their ideas for future expansion and seek the opinions of the players. This shows that A positive attitude makes the players happy. The game theme of the road to exile is a black fantasy world where players can control their characters to explore in large maps, find NPC, accept tasks and complete missions, and monsters. In combat, these activities will give players a rich reward. can provide a richer selection of Buy POE Currency, I recommend it to you. Maybe you might think that this is Diablo, but it has a richer system that allows you to experience different fun. The game has been successfully launched into the most popular ARPG game since its launch in 2013. The huge skill system and gemstone system make the game full of fun, players can get different abilities and show their unique personality and ideas through the combination. The team behind is willing to communicate with the players. In the expected future expansion 4.0, the team describes the plans for future expansion in the community of the website. Want to get better results in future expansion, Buy POE PS4 Orbs at can help you very well. They hope that players can understand their behavior and be able to present their opinions. They can also more easily understand the player’s comments and make changes in the game. The expansion time of the entire exile road is 13 weeks. This schedule will be maintained for a predictable period. The future update plan is as follows: On the ExileCon in November will announce: 3.9.0 extension And in February 2020, you can get an extended message of 3.10.0 An extension of 3.11.0 will be announced on May 2020 An extension of 3.12.0 will be announced on August 2020 The team said in the community that although the arrival of 4.0.0 will take a long time, in November of this year, ExileCon in New Zealand will have announcements and playable demos of 4.0.0 and 3.9.0.

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