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Are you excited? The new Path of Exile version blight had been officially updated on the 9.6th. The new version mainly allows the players to look forward to the new model. The new tower defense game mode allows players to have more gameplay options and Buy POE Currency at for a better gaming experience. At the same time, you can meet a new NPC-Cassia nun.

For the new tower defense mode, the new NPC-Cassia will be your most important partner, and the cassia nun can create a device that can destroy the evil thoughts that pollute the mainland, but these devices are fixed, so you need to protect her there, every area has such a mini-tower defense game, when the game starts, blight summons to protect their monsters will attack the enemy along the path of the roots, and you need to build in the path Defensive mechanism, choose different defensive towers according to different monsters, thus causing the greatest damage to these monsters. Whenever you successfully defend the monster, you will get your reward.

In the new game, you will get a special oil that, combined with the help of the Cassia sisters, adds attributes to the item. Through different combinations, you will get different attributes. Of course, you can also get a more powerful level by trading Path of Exile Currency at There are a total of twelve kinds of oils, and those high-end oils are rare. The more monsters you destroy, the more likely you are to get the advanced oil.

You will be able to upgrade your defensive towers with these acquired oils, gain greater power through the upgrade of the defensive towers, you can destroy these monsters more quickly, use your plans and plans to get more possibilities. The more fun of the mode.

The latest version has been updated on the 9.6th, and the detailed content will require us to experience it in the game.

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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 12.09.2019


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