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Path of Exile: The new version of blight has been released for some time. Here is my personal experience with the new version of the game. The new version brings us a new tower defense mode, a new skill transformation. As well as a new balance of attributes, the following is a detailed experience report.

First of all, what needs to be discussed is the newly added tower defense mode. This is essentially a tower defense game. You can choose the center position to activate. When you activate, those monsters will flock to you. You need to be in the center. The tower is built nearby to resist these monsters. Of course, the specific game provides a tower defense for you to choose from, which makes the whole game very interesting. When you successfully resist the impact of the monster, you will get belonging Your rich rewards are enough to make you feel good. Of course, the Path of Exile Currency provided by is much easier. If your time is not sufficient, this is a good choice. If you encounter these activation devices in the game, don’t hesitate to activate it immediately.

Surprisingly, the re-balancing of the three characters, the summoner, the poisonous assassin and the miners, the current summoner is the most popular, this version of the soldier is better than ever, the adjusted ai And more rapid speed, let you experience more fun, the poisonous assassin can now use the skills to deal with all the content, the mine strengthen may be the most expected of all miners, the new miners are very powerful, icicle mine It is a very popular choice at present, not only has great destructive power and control, but also can be used with ice spears, it should be the next hot choice. If you want to get started with new miners quickly, then I suggest you buy some POE Trade Currency at, which will be very helpful.

Finally, I feel very deeply about the stability of the server. This should be the best version of all seasons. The team members’ chances of disconnection are greatly reduced, which makes the whole game experience very smooth. This is which let me The most amazing change, if you want to know more, to experience the new version, will be your best choice.

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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 21.09.2019


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