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Let the long-awaited Path of Exile latest update, blight, come soon. The new version provides a new tower defense style for some dungeon monsters. Combining the fast pace of the Path of Exile, with crazy action combined with the strategic behavior of the tower defense game, all this brings you an unparalleled experience, On the cursed Wraeclast continent, some fungi threaten the lives of humans and beasts. Fungi, and you need to eliminate these fungi with the help of the new NPC- Cassia sisters, cassia can build a dedicated pump, this pump can absorb toxic fungi, and in the process, there will be a variety of strange Fungus-contaminated monsters to stop you, these monsters are particularly hardy, you need to protect these devices so they won’t be damaged by monsters.If you want a better experience, I suggest you Buy POE Currency at

When the fungus is attacked by the player, it will summon the monster to protect itself from attacking the player. These monsters will attack you from a fixed route. In addition to their efforts, the player needs to establish defense measures. Different towers are different abilities. The weakness of the monster is also different., players need to adjust their tactics promptly. The entire endgame map will include 24 different Blight encounters. In addition to the Blight experience, Path of Exile’s main game process also adds many other features, which require you to discover and experience in the game. The prototype of the Toxic Assassin is another major update, and finally, my Saboteur. Mine Saboteurs has added three new lightning protection skills, while the skills have also been enhanced. offer Path of Exile Currency, Make your gaming experience more refreshing.

With the countdown of ExileCon, Path of Exile players can expect Blight to arrive next month. Look for the 3.8.0 update on the PC on September 6th, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will get it on September 9

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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 04.09.2019


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