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The NFL is now in its second quarter of the season, and the entire season is still full of uncertainty. The fifth week will usher in an international competition. With the end of the fourth week of the game, Madden 20 has released a full set of TOTW 4 players. The number of high-end cards is basically the same as everyone expected, but the same as before, the MUT team does not want all options to be guessed by the player, so there should be surprises.

Players can spend 30,000 coins or 500 points to purchase TOTW card packs. Players can get two hero cards from the card pack, but the probability of extracting the LTD card from the card pack is very low, with a probability of 7.6%. Therefore, when you spend Madden 20 Coins, you may need to be mentally prepared or prepare enough Madden 20 Coins. Of course, if you buy Madden NFL 20 Coins on GameMS, then it will be very easy, this time there are three top cards, they are Chris Godwin LTD 91 OVR, Nick Chubb Hero 90 OVR and Desmond King II Hero 90 OVR.

Chris Godwin won this week’s LTD card title, which is inseparable from his strong 12-day performance, which is also his second two card, you can Packed for purchase or purchased at the auction house, about 715,000 on the Xbox, about 901,000 on the PS4. The price is not cheap, but he worth the money. If you produce MUT 20 Coins, Buy MUT 20 Coins at GameMS, which is affordable. The second card is Cleveland Browns, and this time this card is his best card so far, he has another 84 OVR MUT Superstars card, you can earn this card through TOTW 4 suit, or go to The auction house paid 196,000 on the Xbox and 209,000 on the PS4. The third card is Desmond King II Hero. This card also surpasses its 84 OVR MUT Superstars cards. In the same way, TOTW 4 sets or auction houses can help you get him, and 210,000 on Xbox. Or pay 204,000 on the PS4.


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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 08.10.2019


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