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The latest Path of Exile: the withered update has been around for a while, I don’t know if you like the new tower defense mode, this is the biggest change in this version. According to Grinding Gear Games, the addition of the tower defense mode is not a very simple operation, they need to consider the fun of the whole game, know that the original game rhythm of Path of Exile is combined with the tower defense game mode, this Not a very easy thing. In the entire new map, each area will arrange for players to experience such an encounter. The appearance of the tower gives the player more space to choose and operate, allowing you to exert endless imagination.

In the Path of Exile: blight, players will need an important NPC partner, Cassia Sisters, who can help the player build the defensive tower, while also helping the player to synthesize some special oils, which makes the game full of fun, Cassia Sisters The defensive tower is provided with a variety of different attributes, including sluggishness, freezing, burning, etc., which requires the player to choose according to his own needs and tactics, and also requires detailed information on the location of the entire tower. Thinking, after each encounter, the player successfully resists the attack of the monster, then you will get a huge reward. I recommend to you, you can buy POE Trade safe and reliable, better to help you experience the game.

In the new reward, the player will get a special kind of oil, mix them and apply them on your ring and amulet, they will enchant your equipment, and the enchantment of the ring can affect your tower, reduce Defensive tower construction time may cause more damage, but I still recommend that you use oil to enchant your amulet, Cassia can use a mixture of three oils to smear your amulet, your amulet will gain a strong passive skill, while Other parts of the amulet can also be smeared, you will have more than 500 combinations, If you don’t have enough POE Trade On Xbox, buy it at, it’s quick and easy. this is an exciting thing, you can enjoy your imagination.

In November of this year, maybe you can see a demonstration of Path of Exile 4.0, let us bless this great game.


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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 20.09.2019


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