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The Path of Exile is a free action game launched by Grinding Gear Games in 2013. It has been updated many times and has been strongly loved by players. It is currently the hottest action RPG game. This year, the developer announced the launch. The new version of blight’s update plan, just past the days, the new version has been officially updated, and every expected player can experience the new version in the game.

Path of Exile: The biggest feature of this version of blight is the addition of a new tower defense game mode, which makes everything more interesting. POE Currency provided by can help you to experience the fun of the new version. The new NPC cassia in the game can be made to contain cold, shock, dizziness, burning, Petrochemical and debilitating attack towers, through which the player can defend against monsters that are controlled and enhanced by blight. These monsters will follow the extension of blight, and all you have to do is choose according to different monsters. The defensive towers will defend against these monsters, and after successfully resisting the attack of these monsters, the reward you will get will be huge.

The new version not only includes new models, but also adds 18 new divination cards, 16 new skills and support gems, and 16 new unique items. Rebalance 24 pre-existing unique items. Path of Exile is a free game, but also supports paid support packages, but it is very expensive, and you can find the POE Exalted Orb in, and it is more affordable.

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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 17.09.2019


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