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With the continuous update, Path of Exile has also achieved great success. This is what the Polish developer Grinding Gear Games didn’t think of. To repay the support of the players, the developers are constantly updating and innovating the gameplay. The developers have just revealed that they will provide new updates for the game. Known as the disease extension, the update will bring many new features, including the tower defense mode. It also involves a new NPC-Cassia.

This update has been released on September 6. In the new version to achieve better results, can help you, Buy POE Orbs , trustworthy. In addition to new enemies and new tower defense game types, some older content has been supplemented and improved. The three balance models have been improved, new skills and gems, new projects, this is a huge update, the updated content is Not only the tower defense part, the disease is successful to sum up the last battle of Path of Exile, the crazy action and The strategic combination of the tower defense game is combined. You need to give instructions quickly and quickly to upgrade and select the defensive tower according to the attack. This is the great fun of the tower defense game.

The tower defense model also brings great rewards, including valuable weapons and armor, as well as a new item. - Oil This oil can add a lot of new attributes to your weapons and equipment. A lot of new skills, items, and balance changes come with the new version. The biggest change is that the prototype of the Necromancer has been balanced and improved, and some new options to enhance the defense, such as the Shield Gem, support gems, etc, POE Items For Sale, we recommend, are also optimized and upgraded AI for your minions.

This is a huge update, and it also reflects the developer’s intentions, everything is moving in a better direction. If you have a deeper understanding of these updates, then you should go to the game to experience the most accurate feelings.

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Author: Cadence alida | Created at: 09.09.2019


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