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It’s time to stop wasting time any money if you are buying hydraulic fittings regularly. If you know the basic specifications well then you won’t end up buying the wrong ones. Every hydraulic system needs fittings like metric adapters to connect pipes, hoses, or valves. The basic purpose of these fittings is to seal the fluid within the hydraulic system. There are two types of fittings. The first one is all metal fitting which uses metal to metal contact, for example, metric adapters. The second one is O-ring fitting and it uses a compressed seal.  

How metric adapters are used in a Hydraulic System:


This type of hydraulic fittings serves the best quality service in the current market. It exceeds the service of J1453. Precisely metric fittings meet the ISO 8434-3 standard. A solid connection between metal to metal is what you get when you apply this to your system. 


It is made of stainless steel which prevents the system from corrosion. It is made of AISI 316 grade steel which is widely famous for its prevention from corrosion. 


These kinds of fittings serve different purposes in different fields. Though mostly it is used in the marine field. Whether it is just saltwater or saltwater in Misty condition, these fittings will still provide the guard to your system. People use it even in food processing plants or fertilizer applications. 

Those are just some of the so many specific applications of these fittings.

If you are seeking more knowledge about the fittings, kindly consider visiting this site-

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Author: bosch hydraulic | Created at: 26.02.2021


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