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WoW Classic patch can reduce the empirical benefits of massive group attacks

If they are in a big party, World of Warcraft classic players will now be more difficult to experience in the Dungeon.

Blizzard Community Manager Kaivax announced that parties to six or more players would start to gain less experience. It is a bug fix in WoW Classic that will prevent the exposure of large parties entering the Dungeon. Kaivax wrote on the WoW forum that the patch was last night and “for six or more player parties, XP rewards should be significantly lower.”

Before this patch, players entered a dungeon, such as the Scarlet Monastery, where they quickly cleared up at a party of up to 10 players while still earning Classic WoW Gold and rewards. When the patch hits all Classic WoW servers, some groups are in the middle of the dungeon run, and they can show others how it affects the experience gain. In one case, the player earned 30 extra XP points from the group bonus and lost 33 XP due to a fine.

Playing Dungeon is a great way to level Warcraft classics when you have other people playing. Some players who participate in the 60th-level classic game are playing dungeons even in the final stage to ensure that everyone is leveling together. Other methods of leveling solo, especially Mage farming monsters like the world’s first-class 60 players Joker, are usually not recommended in crowded servers because there are mobs there. In these cases, the group leveling in the Dungeon is particularly useful, the level rises quickly, the probability of getting Cheap WoW Classic Gold is higher, and the number is more.

But now, the Dungeon will become more difficult as players will force into the group. Those who liked being carried by players who were playing more actively will have to start doing something if they want a clean dungeon run.



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Author: Bale Owen | Created at: 03.09.2019


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