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Six days after the release of World of Warcraft Classic, the world’s first Ragnaros killed in a 60-level lava attack, and the experienced team APES claimed the historical moment of the EU server Gehennas.

Since its release earlier this week, World of Warcraft has reopened the game world, often has nearly 300,000 viewers on Twitch, and continues to see an increase in the number of new players on various servers. There is now a history of release because the sophisticated guild APES has reached level 60 or near the upper limit before hitting the Molten Core raid and defeating the king of fire, Ragnaros.

This long-term raid will slam the 40-man challenge of Blackrock Mountain, and there is no big fanfare. They chose not to disclose that they were the first to defeat the fire. The secret mission was a success, and APES defeated Ragnaros in a fierce battle. Of course, inaction, players can successfully pass the technology, WoW Classic Gold and WOW Classic Boosting.

The world’s first guild is ready to go offline. When it stormed Molten Core, many of their 40 players were dead or nearly dead, and Ragnaros himself took them with them. However, despite the casualties, the guild completed the work.

The WoW Classic released on August 26, and after only six days, the hardest part of the first phase of the retro game defeated. It does not necessarily mean that a raid is easy. APES has been preparing for this raid for many years. The team also honed their role combinations to make the attack easier. The first team in the world has 11 warriors, nine mages, six paladins, and six warlocks. There are also warlocks and thieves, as well as a hunter and druid.

Although many players have not yet entered the Molten Core and accepted the classic first maximal raid, APES has proven that the difficulty of Ragnaros has not changed since the vanilla was first released.

It is now active in terms of the number of players and streaming audiences, but as the novelty of the game returns reduced, we may see the more extended world for the first time, as the professional guild returns to more modern games. In fact, from the player’s purchase of WOW Classic Boosting , you can see its advantages.

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Author: Bale Owen | Created at: 02.09.2019


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