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World of Warcraft classics will soon make some players free to move the country

Before the release of “World of Warcraft Classics,” players can choose their name and the field they want to play. As the release date approaches, it is clear that some areas will be densely populated if there are no changes. For players waiting to enter, they have a long queue time. Blizzard urged people to consider switching to different areas to avoid these login times, but even after that warning, the player faced the login queue, and thousands of players waited to enter the game.

In order to solve this problem, some World of Warcraft classic players in the selection field will soon have the opportunity to jump to the new home, because Blizzard hopes to reduce some busy areas. Detailed information on free action in other regions has not yet finalized, but Blizzard announced that it intends to move players so they can prepare for this date. Players in busy areas should already have enough WoW Classic Gold and may expect to have the opportunity to move, but some rules will allow players to enter a field.

“We are working hard to open up our free character mobile service for the selection of World of Warcraft in the next few days,” Blizzard said at the World of Warcraft forum. “When the free character movement in a populous field becomes available, the player will see the option to initiate a free character move on the character selection screen or the field’s queue screen.”

Before players try to move, they should know that they must ensure that their characters are allowed to do so. Any guild leader, with an active auction list or bid, or having mail will not be able to jump to new areas, so if you are tired of the busy queue and need to change, you will have to take care of those potential bans first.

Blizzard’s previous statement acknowledged that the number of players in these areas might be many times larger than the original game version, but will not increase the limit. Finally, regarding the player’s willingness to purchase Vanilla WOW Gold , please purchase at GameMS.


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Author: Bale Owen | Created at: 05.09.2019


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