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World of Warcraft classic players are using illegal tools to stay logged in and avoid login queues

If you watch people playing games on Twitch, or if you watched them on the site, or you just woke up from a thousand years of sleep, and the first thing anyone explained to you was the concept of “video game.” You may realize that everyone is now buying WoW Classic Gold for WoW Classic. It results in hours of queue time on high population servers. Understandably, players are tired of dealing with them. It is not understandable that some players are bypassing the rules to avoid waiting time.

WoW Classic players have been using the so-called “automatic clicker” program to report people to automate the click and button program so that the game does not record it when it is away from the keyboard. In this way, they don’t have to go back to the queue after assuring their family that they are still alive or making sure they stay that way through sleep. In general, these players’ characters will move in a simple repeat mode to abandon World of Warcraft detection software. Using these types of programs to automate multiple operations at once is technically a violation of the rules in regular WoW and WoW Classic, but these auto-click programs are still easy to install and use.

The wider community doesn’t like these players simply because they indirectly bring about queuing time through up space for the server. However, it is impossible to estimate the extent in which these players bring about these waiting times, plus they may be the average number of individuals who want to go through the queue and participate in the old MMO. Besides, it needs to note that Blizzard “substantially” increased the number of players who have been able to occupy precisely the same server yesterday, which minimized queue problems on many servers. However, famous people continue to have a long queue.

Some players also try to use WoW’s built-in autorun feature to avoid getting unwelcome startup, which means they end up facing an adventure sprint, first entering the same rock or wall for a few minutes. Unfortunately for them, WoW still thinks this is AFK, so most of these players look unusual.

Finally, what is particularly commendable is the long-term super guild approach, whose members have realized that cold, mechanical automation cannot replace firm, bloody workers. I mean, as part of the giant “Race To World First” event in Las Vegas, the guild runs around and periodically presses the space bar on the AFK player’s keyboard, so they don’t disconnect. It is valid and may not violate the rules. So, if you want to continue to log in to WoW Classic, that is your solution: find someone. At


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Author: Bale Owen | Created at: 30.08.2019


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