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If you’ve been following the entire game world for the past two years, you’ve already heard of one or two surrounding game trophy boxes. Ok, we can use Path of Exile to add another one to the list, but this has a unique tilt, and some players feel that Internet thugs may have stolen a useful new feature from them.

Earlier this week, Grinding Gear Games launched the Salvage Box. After spending 30 points or POE Currency to purchase a salvage box, the duplicate micro-transaction can be destroyed to increase the chances of getting a higher-end loot, while also ensuring a rare or combined micro-transaction before the box expires. Since you are guaranteed, it is still not affected by RNG. With a quick turn, Grinding Gear Games quickly took the item and the required POE Currency from the store after active negative feedback.

Earlier today, we released the Salvage Box, a mysterious box that would increase the value of its rewards if the player smashes repeated micro-transactions. The feedback from the community about this feature is very harmful. POECurrency Mall removed the box from the sale, of course, the salvage box that has purchased will continue to operate until consumption.

Interestingly, some members of the community are uncomfortable with the item pulled because it allows them to exchange new equipment for their use in their repeated POE Items and POE Orbs .

Others, such as Loltergeister, expressed relief: thank God, you woke up. Putting another layer of RNG on top of the existing coating is a scam. You have gained some respect.


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Author: Bale Owen | Created at: 16.09.2019


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