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Zach “Asmongold,” the top World of Warcraft: Classic Streamer, was accused of “failed the game” in a popular post on Reddit - triggering a response from the streaming media.

Fans accuse Asmongold of finding a solution for several features in the game so that it might deny the experience of World of Warcraft. It includes easy-to-access mounts, mission markers, and faster upgrades using Scarlet Abbey.

“There are a million reasons why we all want the classic World of Warcraft, but I think he is distraught with many people who are obsessed with streamers, and that they will play the classics in different ways, to find WoW Classic Gold and items. The author of the post wrote.

Streaming media has responded directly to this latest post. He said he was curious about how to allow these threads on Reddit. He said: “I am more surprised than anything else. These patterns allow people to generate hateful clues to others and keep them as they are.” “I think this is against the Reddit base rules,” he said. A few days before this article was published, Twitch streaming Michael “The Shroud” Grzesiek praised Asmongold, calling him “perfect World of Warcraft Streamer” because he can talk about games effectively.

Since the release of WoW: Classic on August 26th, ratings have surged, and Asmongold has received more than 15 million video views, more than 165,000 new fans, and is one of the fastest-growing channels on the platform. It also reflects the popularity of WoW Classic from the side, and the number of people who purchase World Of Warcraft Classic Gold has reached a new climax.



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Author: Bale Owen | Created at: 06.09.2019


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