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Here in this blog you will know everything about online and offline call boy jobs and at the end will be able to choose which one is better for you.

In this present world when everything is becoming online, demand for online escort services is increasing as compared to that of the offline services. Seeing this demand for online services Indian escorts as well as agencies are nowadays posting online ads as well as putting their profiles in several popular websites. In this way they are able to reach to common public quite easily without a single penny spent. Every Indian escort service company are also taking the help of online platform to provide in call or outcall escort services.

A complete review on call boy job industry in India  

Many big cities like Mumbai have recently adapted the call boy culture from the western countries where high profile ladies usually hire escort service for their relaxation. Because of this Mumbai has become a hub for call boy jobs and Indian escort services. Many high profile ladies are booking male escorts in Mumbai for their sexual pleasures and satisfaction. With this growing demand the role of call boy in Mumbai has become diversified as per the requirements of the clients.

Types of call boy jobs and their demand in Mumbai

To fulfil the growing sexual needs of girls, call boy services enterprises Mumbai Maharashtra are hiring call boys who are skilled in varieties of escort services. Some of the agencies are also having escorts who have mastered in a particular escort service. This has led to an increase in types of call boy jobs in Mumbai. People are applying for those call boy jobs which has gained popularity in the recent times. Some of the popular Indian escort service which these jobs provide are dating partner services, dance partner services, travel companion services etc. Agencies usually take the help of major escort directories, adult websites to advertise this job.

Has applying offline for call boy jobs become old fashioned?

With everything becoming online, traditional ways of applying for a play boy job in Mumbai has become old-fashioned.

The reason for it is that applying for play boy jobs in Mumbai offline market will make you lose most of your precious time and money.

Offline market are quite monopoly in nature with few people having power and money to run offline male escort services. Whereas if you are looking to start an online escort business, then neither you need not to take any kind permission nor have any pressures and challenges to deal with.  Brokerage costs and middlemen commissions add to the pain for people who are working in offline gigolo job in Mumbai. On the other hand you can find a lot of escort websites online where you can directly upload your profiles and can instantly start getting clients.

Sitting at home you can do a proper research as well as apply to be a call boy in Mumbai.

Various Online platforms to apply for a call boy job

There is a huge demand of male escort job in Mumbai. This has led to an increase in the number of platforms where people can directly visit to become a male escort Mumbai. I have discussed some of the popular online platforms:

  • Visiting a reputed directory site

You can find a lot of ads on gigolo job in Mumbai in all most all directory sites. You can get all the details from those ads or can directly visit their websites to apply for the post. You can easily know if a directory site is a good one or not. If majority of its ads are monthly periodicals then there are maximum chances of getting best call boy job opportunities.

  •  Applying through escort agency’s website

With the growing demand for male escort in Mumbai, escort companies are now having their own websites where they give a lot of options for their escorts. Agencies also take the help of other popular platforms where they try to promote themselves.

  • Referring different escort blogs from reputed bloggers

Several bloggers publish articles related to call boy jobs. People can get all the information regarding call boy jobs by referring these types of blogs

Steps to apply for a call boy job online

There is a certain procedure to apply for call boy jobs online. I have listed it out for you.

  • List out all the escort websites providing call boy jobs directly searching with the words like “call boy jobs in Mumbai”, “playboy jobs”, “rentmen” etc.
  • Select a website which best suits to what you want.
  • Visit the page which has the application where you can apply for a play boy job
  • Fill up the details. You must provide your original details as agencies usually verify them post registration.
  • People from the agency side will contact you immediately after you register.  Then you will be given the client details.


I hope this article helps you to understand the advantages of online platforms over offline while applying for a call boy job in India. For further information regarding play boy job you can refer to Desireplayboys.



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Author: Arjun Chauhan | Created at: 08.11.2020


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