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Now a day’s female escort as a job is the most exciting and best way to become millionaire within a short period of time. But it also has its negativities which very few people know. Here you will know how female escort as a fantasy is different from working as a call girl in real.

It is not easy to explain the life of a call girls or female escort in mere words. There were a number of studies and researches made in this escort world which are completely based upon the life of call girls and the experiences with their clients. There are certain circumstances or situations which have compelled many of the educated youths to start selling their flesh in return for some money.



Indian sex fantasies

Sex India fantasies or fuck India taboo are quite common among Assam sex girls. Escorts mostly use these names to run their businesses. These fantasies drive a person towards unrealistic actions of sexual arousal, which is further exploited by many of the fraud escort agencies and India ka sex workers.


Origin of Indian sex services

India is said to be the origin of escort services. The culture of call girls sex for sexual pleasures and satisfaction is followed since ancient era where kings and ministers used nagarvadhu for their entertainment. The hiring of Indian girls for sexual pleasures is carried forward by Englishmen during the British colonization in India. They established and maintained many brothels for their troops all over India


Types of female escort Jobs in India

It is always recommended to filter Indian hot girls providing call girl services based on the type of services they provide. You can expect a hell lot of services from an independent call girl as compared to an escort who works on behalf of an agency. But their rate cards are also higher than the later. Many call girls Guwahati also provide in call as well as out call services

  • In call Guntur escort services are those services where client visit the escort residence, location as per their choice, hotel room or any private residence of them. Agencies often have their own gust houses.
  • Where as in case of out call escort services in Guntur clients often decides the place where to  meet up and try to make all the arrangements in which is comfortable for both the client as well as the escort.
  • Some escort service in Guwahati has different prices for each service and some offers at the same price. It is better to ask the agencies about their prices for the services they provide.

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Reality of Indian sex job

There is a very wrong perception of people over Indian girl sex services. Most of the Indian sex workers have indulged themselves in Indian escort porn services. Indian real sex services are considered illegal in most of the places across India. Female escorts do not live a luxury life of a salaried person as they have to go through all the traumas and difficulties while competing with Chennai escorts.           


Difficulty in leaving the sex profession

Leaving the profession of a female escort is much more difficult as compared to entering the escort world as a newbie Chennai call girl. Most of the Indian girls are affected though deadly diseases like HIV which is also the main reason for many escorts leaving their profession. Neither the government nor any individual organization have come forward exclusively for the Guntur call girls providing escort service India.



So in this article I have tried to highlight several problems that an escort usually faces while providing Indian sex services. The solution to it is to join a reputed escort who takes care of both its escorts as well as its clients while providing the world class escort services. To get a premium escort near you visit Escort Service India.

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Author: Arjun Chauhan | Created at: 16.09.2020


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