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Here you will get an idea of how the introduction of technology have changed the way they work and how it has helped them in growing.

As the profession of a call girl remains the world oldest occupation, female escorts in India have used thousands of traditional ways to expand their escort services. However as the time has changed with the introduction of many technologies in the modern market, the way of working of the Indian sex girls has seen a major development. But even now also there are several wrong perceptions among the people about call girl and their Indian girl sex services as they think they work in their same older ways.   



Who are female escorts?

Female escorts as a profession involves constitutes of many Indian hot girls who are a bit bolder and sexier than other normal girls. They work sincerely to satisfy the sexual desires of many men craving for desi girls sex. They carry out their work privately without disclosing either their own details or of their clients. You can find the best female escort services from Chennai call girls in Tamil Nadu as well all outside of Chennai.  


ICT & call girls in India

Information and communication technology or ICT has brought a major breakthrough in the world of escort. I have discussed how call girls in guwahati are getting benefitted with implementation of ICT


Makes an escort life easier

ICT is helping many call girls in Assam to make their hectic profession little bit easier.


Avoid third party interference

Through the implementation of the technology many of the Assam sexy girls are able manage their business without taking any help from any third party agencies.


Other benefits

Through ICT guwahati call girls are able to mobilise, develop ways to manage each other clients, Blacklist any online platforms, and use online payment system.


Screening of clients

Most of the Guntur escorts take the help of ICT to notify to each other about their clients behaviour. This will help other escorts to avoid them in future.


Growth of Internet based escort industry in India

Female escorts industry has never been a new topic. It is an older subject which was discussed in each and every platform. But till now many of us have a wrong perception on it and never know how the escorts are able to provide Indian girls sex services and survive in this world. I have highlighted certain benefits that the internet have provided to the escorts


Thinning of gap between buyers and sellers

With the introduction of Internet the difficulty for buyers and seller to find each other has decreased


Increase in chances of hiring call girls

Previously there are very less chances for a middle class to enjoy the Indian sex services from high profile call girls. But as the years passed through there were major technology advancements and the concept of escort completely changed.


Decrease of risks

The recent times when call girls Chennai provide their services, they often advertise using many illegal sources and there were many third party individuals or agencies involved. They all had a risk to get arrested. As a result of which there were more illegal Indian girl’s sex trade and unpredictable prices. With the introduction of online sex services the chances of getting cheated has decreased to a great extent.


How internet has changed the price of sex


As the traditional ways of practicing sexual acts have changed through years, there is a huge decline of the prices of the escort service in Guntur and many more places in India. With the introduction of online sex marketing system with the inclusion of several online services like online dating, online video call sex services, phone sex India etc, there is a rise in competition between the call girls. This has further decreased the price differences between escorts working in the same region.


The rise of high end female escorts


Since 2000, more transactions have been recorded at the top end of the market, probably due to more Indian girls joining the industry that see their services as higher quality and justifying a large premium. The median and lower-end prices have also increased, but not by as much. The internet made it easier and safer for Indian hot girls with high reservation wages to enter the market; this has resulted in the rise of prices at the high end of the market which is growing with huge pace.


So here I have discussed about some of the reforms in the escort services India which were only possible because of the inclusion of different technologies. But it is not the end there are still chances of development and improvement in the lifestyles of the Indian sex girls and the manner in which they work.


For further information related to escort services and for a detailed study on the steps to hire a call girl refer to Escort Service India.


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Author: Arjun Chauhan | Created at: 02.09.2020


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