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In this blog you will get to know every possibilities of getting a call boy job in Delhi. And you will also know why Desireplayboys is the best escort service provider in India.

A call boy job provides the best opportunity for all the youth in Delhi to earn a better living. You can find a lot of high profile ladies in Delhi who usually spend a lot to hire a male escort in Delhi to satisfy their sexual desires. 

Who is a call boy and what is his role in Indian escort industry?

A call boy is someone who fulfils the desires and needs of high profile ladies and gets paid in return for his call boy service. Most of the call boys prefer providing their call boy service in high profile resorts, hotels and nightclubs.

Friendship clubs in Delhi  

You can find a lot of Friendship clubs in big cities like Delhi. These clubs contribute to play boy job vacancy in Delhi to which a lot of people apply to start working as a call boy in Delhi. If you are really interested to apply for gigolo job in Delhi then you can directly visit the websites of these clubs and register yourself.

Responsibilities of an escort agency during a call boy booking

With the increase in number of people joining to the Indian escort industry, the competition to get clients has also increased. This has led to a lot of escorts joining playboy companies providing sex job in Delhi rather working independently. To make things simple these escort agencies have their own websites where escort directly apply to any type of play boy job vacancy in Delhi.

Agencies do a proper medical test of their escorts before sending them to meet their clients. Gigolo in Delhi go through physical, psychological and laboratory tests before and after meeting with their clients.

Agencies always take care of all types of legal actions against these escorts. They make sure that these escorts do not have any criminal record or any kind of involvement with trafficking.

They pay attention towards privacy and safety of both their call boy and their clients.

Why there is a high demand for call boys in Delhi all over India

A gigolo in Delhi is well known for his friendly nature and best call boy job skills as compared to escorts of other cities. You can expect world class call boy service from them. They are more expensive than regular escort but they will never make any compromises in their call boy job. A male escort in Delhi can be found in Delhi gigolo market or in any gigolo club in Delhi.

Eligibility for a Male escort

Certain agencies in Delhi have a lot of criteria to select for a gigolo job in Delhi. For these reasons a play boy job salary Delhi is eventually high as compared to the salaries of escorts from other regions. I have listed out some of them.   

  • That person who is applying for the sex job in Delhi should be compatible with both Hindi and English.
  • He should show have a proper attitude towards his call boy job and his clients.
  • He must have a proper dressing sense.
  • He should maintain a proper hygiene all throughout his journey as a call boy in Delhi.
  • He should not be addicted to any types of bad habits like drugs or alcohol. It will impact a lot in his play boy service. And it will be quite difficult for him to survive in the escort industry. 
  • The Candidate should go through proper medical check up to avoid any attacks from sexually transmitted diseases.

Why to join DesirePlayboys?

DesirePlayboys is the one of very few escort agencies in India that provides call boy service as well as jobs.  It has the largest escort’s network of gigolo service in Delhi. It has the best team to provide fast, efficient and discreet services between their members and clients. I have highlighted of the reasons why DesirePlayboys is the best among all.  

  • They never share neither their call boy’s data nor any kind of information of their clients with anyone.
  • All the Profiles of their escorts are verified and safe. You can easily get the call boy number directly from their profiles.
  • They have experts who work day and night to take care of all spam and frauds.
  • You can expect 24*7 Customer care assistance from their agents.


So after reading this blog you can decide whether to join as a male escort in Delhi or not.  For further information on call boy jobs you can visit Desireplayboys.


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Author: Arjun Chauhan | Created at: 10.11.2020


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