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Here you will know everything on what are the qualities of a premium call boy that makes him different from a regular escort. You will learn some of these qualities which will help you to achieve success in the escort industry.

Everyone dreams to become successful in their profession. But a few of them are lucky to achieve what they have dreamt of. The same also happens with an Indian gigolo. There are a number of male escorts who are still struggling to be a premium escort. But it is not so simple. It all starts from the moment you join as an escort boy. You should have a proper reason for joining and to be a professional you must have certain guidelines and limitations which you have to abide in your entire journey. 

Everything about an Indian male escort

First of all you should know who is an escort and what the role of an escort is. A premium gigolo always tries to work privately and never discloses his identity as well as of his client’s before anyone. He knows his limitations and always remains updated.  He is best at interacting with all types of clients and knows to convince them for his gigolo sex services. There has been a sudden change in the work culture of the escorts. Nowadays, most of the escorts prefer newer methods to highlight their profiles to get more clients. 

Things to remember before joining as a call boy in India

Play boy job can bring easy money for you but only if done in a proper manner. Male escort job is not an easy thing. So certain things you have to keep in your mind if you really want to achieve success in the Indian escort service.

An escort should be comfortable with all types of situations. Whether it may be an older lady or an obese and fearful woman, an escort should know to handle every client he meets.

You should know all the tricks to generate love for you within your clients. You may face situations where girls you meet may not be interested in even talking with you. So it’s your responsibility to convince them and give them the ultimate male escort service of her life.

Always keep smiling. A smiling face can solve any type of problems. With time, you will develop confidence and a set of skills that will help you to become a premium escort.

Eligibility to be an Indian male escort

Actually there are no such requirements to get a play boy job in India. But to get the best, certain gigolo pvt ltd companies have put some criteria to decide whether a person is eligible to be a call boy or not.  This type of selection process is commonly followed in major cities of India. I have made a list of them

  • To properly interact with all types of clients a candidate should know both English and Hindi. An escort agency generally requires someone who is comfortable in both the languages.
  • Proper behaviour and manner is a must for someone who is into sex job. He should know to control his temper and always have a smiling face.
  • As an escort you should have know how to dress up according to occasions. Escorts should have a proper collection of dresses for all kind of occasions.
  • Having any kind of bad habits like smoking or drinking can be a nightmare for you, as an escort.
  • An escort should take proper preventive measures to remain away from all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases while providing his sex service.

How to make a better escort profile?

There are many escort websites where escorts are getting registered to get more clients. These sites give a hope to the escorts to expand their sexjob business beyond of their regions. They highlight their profiles with the best possible escort sex services in their sites. But to make any impact you should prepare a proper profile with best Indian sex services highlighted along with your rate chart. I have listed out certain ways to make your profile more interesting and user friendly.

  • Always built your premium profile by own. Never try to copy from any other reputed escorts. Try to include all your original details along with the services you can provide.
  • Professional rentmen are always consistent with their details. They never have different profiles in different platforms. By doing this, your clients will get confused and doubt your authenticity. They will simply move towards other escorts. 
  • Always keep your stage name at first. For it prepare a stage name and use the same name while posting in all the platforms. Never use your original name in the profile it may create problems for you in future.
  • Use several directory sites to publish your ads.
  • You may also ask your clients to write a review of your sex for job services. Reviews will make your profile more popular and you will get more high profile clients.

Premium escorts in Delhi

New Delhi or simply Delhi is famous for its historic monuments and architectural beauty. Here a lot of people come for a living and most of them settle down here. With this growing population the demand for escort service in Delhi is increasing. Here you get a highest possibility of premium escorts in Delhi than any other city in India.

Every escort has his unique character and methods of working. If something is helping a particular escort to become successful, it may not be useful for another escort. So don’t go with the cheap tricks or shortcuts, follow the guidelines to be a professional escort at the end. For more on call boy jobs and call boy bookings, visit DesirePlayboys

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Author: Arjun Chauhan | Created at: 06.11.2020


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