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Here you will get a complete idea on major health problems of an Indian escort and what are the social as well as economic challenges faced by them in their day to day works.

With the increase in the competitions in each and every service the vulnerability to different diseases has increased exponentially. Precautions are also been taken but it is not possible to provide a regulatory committee for every profession. Female escorts exchange sex in return for money are most of the time prone to many deadly diseases because they are more likely in to engage in physical relationships with strangers.

Who are call girls?

Call girls or female escorts are often referred as sex worker in their profession. Indian escorts often exchange sex either in return for some monetary benefit or non monetary benefit. Non monetary benefits include drugs, food, medicine or shelter. They provide huge variety of Indian girl sex services. The most important thing is that they never disclose either their profession or client’s name in public. To experience the best escort services from premium call girls you can refer an article on a complete guide to hiring call girls for making beautiful night

Types of health problems for a normal working call girl     

A working Guwahati call girl is vulnerable to both social as well as health problem. But I have a number evidences and examples which state a call girl is more prone to health problems. I have highlighted some of them below.


The term sexually transmitted diseases are used for all types of diseases a person acquires while having a sexual contact with an affected person. Most of the time this Indian real sex diseases are deadly in nature. Till now there is no complete cure available for these diseases. There are many diseases which are sexually transmitted. I have enlisted some of them

  • Chlamydia
  • HPV
  • Syphilis
  • HIV


It is a type of bacterial infection which develops in the genital parts. Indian sex girls with this disease often show no symptoms. It is sometime difficult to be identified. If untreated it can lead serious complications for the Guntur call girl while doing sexual acts. It can also affect a new born child of a mother who already affected by the disease. For this most of the time doctors encourage pregnant women to get tested and treated for potential STD’s.  


HIV or AIDS is another sexually transmitted disease which has high risk of fatality. It completely damages our nervous system which makes our body prone to other potential viruses and bacteria. Most of the Guwahati call girls with this disease either quite profession or commit suicide. To prevent the spreading of this deadly disease it is all the time said to use protection while making best Indian sex with your partner.

Prevention challenges

Most of the time it is seen, Indian hot girls who are into the escort industry are completely unaware of these sexually transmitted diseases. They are often found behaving unprofessionally which increases the risk of getting affected by these deadly diseases. I have mentioned some of the prevention challenges faced by many call girls in Guntur and rest of India.

Lack of data

Collecting data of the sex workers for e.g. Chennai call girls has always been a challenging job anywhere in the world. It is in fact an impossible task in India where most of these things are considered illegal. The places where these activities are carried out by Indian porn girl are not known to many. This lack of data has created significant barriers for the prevention efforts.


Socioeconomic factors

People involved in this profession either directly or indirectly are prone to many social as well as economical issues. Poverty, lack of proper access to healthcare and other social services pose a challenge for many Chennai call girls to remain safe. Most of them also provide escort service India which can generate health complications for them in future. In absence of economic opportunities many Indian girls choose this profession against their wills. 


Sexual Risk Factors

There is greater demand for female escorts who provide female escort services without the use of any protections. Use of protections becomes mandatory while having a sexual relationship with an Indian escort. It helps to prevent many of the deadly diseases to be exchanged for both the clients and escorts. But escorts are paid more while giving sexual favours without protection which makes it difficult for call girls in Guntur to negotiate. 


Even though this all health problems exist there are many reputed escort agencies who never compromises with the normal standards of providing sexual favours to clients. They do proper screening of both the clients and escorts before they meet each other. So it is best to find your favourite escort through an agency rather than trusting on independent call girls. For further information regarding the escort services and to know the steps to hire a premium call girl refer to Escort Service India.     

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Author: Arjun Chauhan | Created at: 04.09.2020


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