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Here in this blog you will get to know different reasons what makes a professional call boy always a better choice than hiring a regular escort. You will also get to know about certain life changing things that helped me to grow in my career as a call boy.

Call boys in their professional life you have to face a lot of hurdles and challenges. Now a days with a lot of people showing interests in Play boy job and increase in demand for call boy sex services, pursuing a career as a call boy has become very easy. But as you have to compete with many more like you, there are certain things that you have to keep in your mind while working as a professional male escort Delhi.

Call boy jobs in Delhi

With an increase in popularity of premium male escort Delhi, there is a huge demand for Playboy job in Delhi. Joining any play boy job in Delhi, you get the best chance to have multiple affairs with several high profile ladies. And alos you get paid for the time you spent with them. In India you will not find any

Difference between a professional call boy and a regular one

There has been always a demand for call boy sex services not only in Delhi but also all over India. With many people in the call boy businesses, there is a lot of competition between them. Due to this many call boys have become professional where as others are still working as amateurs or regular escorts. I have highlighted certain ways in which a regular escort can also be a professional one.

  • Professional call boys have a habit of dressing of according to the occasion according to client’s demand.
  • Every male escort Delhi are always punctual in their timings. They never waste a single second without charging for it.  
  • They always show polite behaviour to their clients as well to their colleagues. They try to keep good relations with everyone in the escort industry.
  • Professional rentmen never disclose their personal life with any of their clients or have any attachments with any ladies.
  • Professional call boys are too costly. There services are a bit costlier as compared to a regular Indian gigolo service. They often avoid bookings from people who are completely new or cannot afford their premium call boy sex service.
  • They are often assertive and to the point with their interactions with their clients. You will never find a premium call boy bargaining with his rates. Their rates are usually fixed before meetings.

5 things that can completely change you as a call boy in Delhi

Increased my communicating skills

If you are thinking to apply for any play boy job in Delhi, you must be comfortable with the frequently spoken languages in your city. In a play boy job, one should know the local language and also should be compatible with both English and Hindi. In my journey from a regular play boy to a professional male escort Delhi, I have worked in about 5 to 6 big cities including my hometown, Delhi. Now I can comfortably interact in about 7 to 8 Indian languages. Every time I visited a new place I always try to learn their local language which is always a plus point for an escort.

Developed my dressing sense

In all my years as a premium male escort, I have seen many ladies who often judge you from the way you dress up. I have seen many of my friends doing play boy job Delhi face rejection because of their bad dressing sense. Even if they are very good at their call boy sex services, people hire you from your looks and personality.  Hence, your dressing sense always decides your fate in the Indian gigolo service.    

Remained away from all kinds of addictions

In my play boy job in Delhi, I have always remained away from all types of bad habits. In a play boy job you travel to different places and interact with varieties of people. Any type of addictions will always create a lot of problems for you and your call boy job. It might put an end to your achievements in your profession.

Kept my personal life away from my professional work

A person should keep his professional life away from his personal life. It is very difficult to handle both the things simultaneously. Both the things cannot walk hand in hand. Before you decide for call boy jobs apply, you should be ready for situations that may arrive where you have to compromise with your personal life.    

Understanding women

 In a play boy job you meet with different kinds of people starting from widows, divorcees, housewives, young girls and a lot. Professional call boys satisfy these ladies irrespective of their needs and demands. So to achieve this success you must understand them and their behaviour.

These are all the things that changed my life as a professional call boy in India. You can also become an escort like me but only if you adapt these all qualities of a premium escort. For more information regarding playboy job apply online you can visit DesirePlayboys.  


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Author: Arjun Chauhan | Created at: 09.11.2020


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