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In this blog you will get an idea of the challenges that an escort has to face during his journey from a regular call boy to a professional escort. Here you will get to know about 5 things that entirely changed my professional life.

Starting your career as a call boy is lot more easier than leading a life of a professional. In every part of your professional life you have to face a lot of hurdles and challenges. As a newbie in the call boy industry you have all types’ assistance and support either directly or indirectly. But in the middle of your professional call boy job, there is very less or in fact no help around you.

Call boy jobs in India

Play boy job has been a recent phenomenon. With the increase in popularity of premium male escorts among women seeking men, there is a huge demand for call boy jobs in India. A sex job helps you in having affairs with multiple ladies and also gets you paid for your time you spent with them. There are no other jobs that can give you such facilities and benefits.

In what ways a professional call boy is different from a regular one

Providing a professional playboy sex service is the key to success in every industry. There is always a demand for high end professional call boys as compared to a regular one. I have highlighted certain ways in which a professional call boy is different from a regular escort:

  • Professional call boys often have a good dressing sense. They always dress up according to the occasion or situation as per the client’s demands.
  • They are quite punctual. They often charge for every single second they stay with their clients.  
  • They always try to maintain a polite professional conduct with their clients as well with their colleagues.
  • Professional rentmen never disclose their identity as well as of their clients in front if anyone, they always try to work in private.
  • Whenever you meet a professional escort they will always ask your budget before revealing their price. They never take bookings from people who are completely new to this or cannot afford their premium sex service.
  • They are always very assertive and to the point with their clients. You will never see a premium call boy bargaining with his rates. Most of the time their rates are fixed for before meetings.

5 things that completely made my job as a call boy way easier

Upskilled my communicating abilities with my clients

If you are thinking to start your career as a call boy, you must be compatible with the languages that are commonly spoken in your region. Most of the professional call boys know their local language as well as quite comfortable in both English and Hindi. In my journey from a regular call boy to a professional one I have worked in about 5 to 6 metros including my current location at Hyderabad. During my professional life I can comfortably interact in about 7 to 8 Indian languages. Every time I visited a new place I always try to learn its local languages which had always helped in my playboy sex services.   

Developed a good dressing sense

In all my years as a high class male escort, I have seen woman seeking man often judge you from the way you dress up. I have seen most of the time our call boys getting tuitions from renowned stylish personalities regarding dressing senses. It has always played an important role in deciding a call boy’s future in the escort industry.    

Remained away from all kinds of addictions

I have always remained away from all types of addictions or bad habits in my entire journey as a professional call boy. In a call boy job you have to travel alone to different places and interact with varieties of women seeking for men. Addictions to any kind of elements will refrain you from your sexjob role and will restrict you to achieve success in your profession.  

Always kept my personal life away from my professional

An individual’s personal life should be kept away from his professional life. Both the things cannot walk hand in hand. Situation may arrive where you have to make compromises with your personal life to gain success in your professional life.    

Improved my ability in understanding women

 In this profession you meet with different kinds of women looking for men starting from widows, divorcees, housewives, unmarried young girls and many more. As a professional call boy you need to please these woman seeking men irrespective of their needs and demands. So understanding them and their behaviour can help you to become a successful call boy.    

The specialties of Hyderabad escorts

There has always been demand for call boys irrespective of the place you live at. This similar demand you can find among Hyderabad escorts and their escort sex service. You can find all types of escorts with their unique escort services in Hyderabad. To make escort’s hiring of escorts more simple, Hyderabad escort agencies have their own websites where they highlight their escort’s profiles and you can directly hire escorts in Hyderabad from there. 

If you are starting your life as a call boy or into this profession for years and are not able to achieve what you might have thought of, then you must be lacking in above qualities of a professional call boy. Try to absorb these qualities within you and become a premium male escort in your area. For more information regarding playboy job you can visit DesirePlayboys.  


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Author: Arjun Chauhan | Created at: 30.10.2020


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