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If you are a call boy or going to join as a call boy, then you have made the right decision. By reading this blog you will realize every bad decision that a call boy takes while working in the Indian escort Industry.

Choosing a career as a call boy can either be the best decision or the worst decision in your life. It completely depends upon your choices made during your journey as a male escort. There are a lot of people who start working as a call boy seeing the increasing demand of call boy jobs in India. But most of them never find a right and conclusive answer to, why they work as playboys in their entire playboy career. I have tried to list the 4 bad decisions that the call boys make in their careers.  

A Short description on call boy jobs in India  

A Playboy job is way different from regular jobs. Before going in deep into call boy jobs lets discuss who is a call boy and about his role in the Indian escort Industry.

Basically call boy is someone who makes money out of his sex services that he provides to many women seeking for men in return for some money. Their job is to satisfy these unsatisfied women by providing their services. It can be for providing companionship or for fulfilling their sexual needs or fantasies.

4 bad decisions that a call boy usually takes in his escort career

With the increase in growth of playboy job, many agencies working under playboy India ltd are hiring escorts to fulfil the needs and demands of many women looking for men. Because of this many youths are entering into escort industry without giving a second thought to their decision. But most of them end up by ruining their career. Here Are 4 reasons why these escorts fail.

  • Joining escort industry without a proper research -

While deciding to join in the India escort industry many people never do a proper research about their job role, different ways to attract clients, agencies to join during their initial days of their career, popular play boy sex services in the market which most of the women seeking man are opting etc. People in the escort industry often choose a bad play boy company which completely ruins their career by not providing the benefits which they actually deserve. So before choosing any agency make a proper research on them by referring to their customer reviews as well as of their escorts who have already worked with them.

  • Making an inappropriate and hilarious escort profiles

making a professional profile is very much crucial for a male escort to attract clients. Every escort company asks an escort’s profile before they hire. An escort profile must be quite descriptive about their personality and the sex job services that they are comfortable to provide. Making an inappropriate and hilarious profile can be the worst decision or in fact end your journey as a call boy as you start getting less number of clients. People never want best and high profile escorts with a bad profile.            

  • Provide less value to their services

Many people join play boy service thinking of earning quick money which is not possible. Just like other services, it also demands high value to price ratio. More values to services yields higher demand which in turns gives higher income. You can never survive in this sector if you are compromising with your services or neglecting your clients.  So make sure to provide more value for money to your clients to be a professional escort.


  • Neglecting different referring sources

Referring is one of the important sources of getting more women seeking man within a less time. Now a day’s rentmen are busy in promoting their businesses that they often stop communicating with their colleagues regarding their experiences or asking them to refer their names to their clients. There are many sources of getting clients in the gigolo market, but this is the best one.  By supporting the referral system and making new contacts in the escort industry, you can make better money in play boy business.


What are the chances to meet a Hyderabad Escort?

With the numbers of unsatisfied women increasing, the demands for gigolos have skyrocketed. Similar thing also happened in Hyderabad. Hyderabad was always known for its unique and rare monuments and historical structures. But now a days it is popular for its escort industry and higher number of call boy jobs in Hyderabad. The demands for Hyderabad escort service are so much, that it has become very difficult to choose an escort in the city.  Hyderabad escorts have their unique style of delivering their services to their clients. For which they are quite popular all over the world.

Experiencing call boy services is the best chance to have a temporary affair with someone who has the ability and agreement to please you with all possible actions. So it is always better to take a right decision and choose the best path in your journey to be a professional male escort. For easy registration for call boy jobs visit to Desireplayboys.    

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Author: Arjun Chauhan | Created at: 03.11.2020


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