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This article explains the reason behind the HP Cart Jam error and how to fix it. The cartridge jam error can occur for many reasons, such as: There is a paper jam in the printer’s rear access door. The presence of torn pieces of paper in the platen Due to the possibility of a foreign object blocking the cartridge path You may need to restart your computer system and printer. Look For Any Stuck Paper or Object on The Cartridge Path : The next step in clearing the HP carriage jam is to check the printer for stuck paper or foreign objects blocking the HP print cartridge path. Turn on the HP printer first. Unplug the power cord from the HP printer support and unplug it from its power source. Make sure that all connected cables are removed. Open the printer cover to reveal the carriage. Make sure the carriage is on the right side of the printer. If not, move the carriage to the right manually. If the cart does not move, look for objects or particles that are preventing it from moving. Next, you need to remove any jammed paper or foreign objects. Then manually move the carriage to the left. Repeat the same test, removing all obstacles and placing the cart on its right side again. Make sure there are no obstacles and close the printer cover. Reconnect the power cord and other used cables. Also connect the printer’s power cord. Finally, turn on the printer and wait for it to warm up. Perform a test for each print. For more details, you can call us at: 1-877-323-1333 .
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Author: Ananya William | Created at: 09.07.2021


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