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One of the most common problems is the HP printer offline error which occurs for no apparent reason. In this article, we have discussed the causes of this problem and the steps to take to fix the problem. So if you find yourself in a situation where your HP printer is still offline, just follow the instructions in the section below.1 8 MAKE SURE 'USE PRINTER OFFLINE' MODE IS NOT SELECTED We’ve listed some useful tips to help you troubleshoot setup problems. Following these steps can help solve problems with your HP printer The HP wireless printer goes offline when Use printer offline is selected. Therefore, a user must ensure that this option is not selected. The navigation to correct this setting is as follows: Select the start menu and click on “Settings”. Click “Devices” – “Printers and Scanners”. Now select your HP printer from the listed printers and click on it with the right mouse button. Then deactivate the option “Use printer offline” in the menu. Your HP printer will now return to online mode. If your HP printer is still offline in Windows 10 or another operating system, try these troubleshooting steps: Click the Windows button and enter “Run”. Now enter “Control Panel” in the dialog box and press “OK”. Click the Devices and Printers option. Your listed HP printer will then be displayed. If your printer has a green check mark, it means your printer is already set as the default. For more details, you can call us at: 1-877-323-1333 .
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Author: Ananya William | Created at: 13.07.2021


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