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How to connect the HP printer to a WiFi network or to your Windows computer or laptop and MAC device. Here’s an easy and quick way to review the setup steps to connect your HP printer to your wireless router. Steps to connect HP Printer to wireless router How to Add/Connect HP Printer to Wifi Router Turn on your HP wireless printer On the touchscreen, press the right arrow, then press Setup. Select the Wireless Setup Wizard from the network menu. A search is made for wireless routers within range. Select your network ID from the suggested list. Enter the network WEP and WPA passphrase for the network and click Done. Press OK to confirm the settings. Press OK to print the wireless report, or you can skip this step. Both wired and wireless computers can connect to the printer and issue print commands. For more details, you can call us at: 1-877-323-1333.
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Author: Ananya William | Created at: 23.06.2021


marcum harrison 2 months

I really appreciate your effort and time-sharing this guide. This is really helpful for me because I have a hard time connecting my hp printer to the wifi. I did this kind of setup in canon printer before and it works. I don't know why I have a problem doing it on a hp printer. I will try this after I finish playing infinity kingdom free download | Want to join me? Then download infinity kingdom for pc windows on emulatorpc now.

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