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People who want to start their career in call boy jobs but don’t know where to find and join, this blog is exclusively for you as here I am sharing some tips that will help you to find and start your career as a call boy.

From the past years, the popularity and craze for call boy jobs or male escort jobs in India are skyrocketing day by day. Many people do it for fun while others are choosing this as a career. But still, there are thousands of confused ones who have no idea how to find and join playboy jobs in Delhi or in any other city. So here I am sharing a complete guide and some valuable tips on it.


The real meaning of a call boy and his job -

Let’s get it from the basics, Call boys who are also well known as playboys, male escorts, or gigolo in Hyderabad are normal boys with great at escorting others. Mainly these types of boys are hired by modern women to fulfill their sexual fantasies behind the doors. As these types of escort boys are great at providing companions.


Tips on searching and joining Call Boy Job in India -

Now coming to the topic let’s talk about the tips and ways how you can search and find a play boy job in Mumbai or in any other city.


There are many ways of finding and starting your career in Delhi sex job but here I’m mentioning some popular ways and tips how you can find and join a genuine one.


  1. Take the help of Internet -

The easiest and fastest way to find anything is by taking the help of the Internet. As it is one of the easily available sources out there. By searching for Hyderabad escort service you can easily find thousands of escort agencies where you can enroll yourself as a call boy.  

  1. Find and contact Male escort agency -

Another way of starting your career as Indian escorts in Mumbai or in any other city is by finding out the top male escort service provider agency of your city. There you can apply for a call boy job and start your journey in this field.


  1. Join Friendship clubs of your city -

Friendship clubs are perfect if your dream is to become a call boy in India. As because it is a club for all escorts and their customers by joining escort service friendship clubs you can easily find a good call boy job and clients for your services.



  1. Look for Independent call boy service -

If you don’t want to enter this industry by the help of Delhi playboy job agencies you can search and find Independent male escorts to know how you can start your career as Independent Call Boy Service.


These are the 4 easiest steps how you can find and join male escort services in Hyderabad or in any other city of India.


How much salary does a call boy get paid?

I know most of you are curiously waiting to know how much a call boy or gay escort get paid in India So here it is -


There is no fixed salary in this job as the earning from a Gigolo job in Mumbai totally depends upon the type of service you provide and type of clients you serve. But as an average salary of a call boy varies from 2000 to 40000 per meeting.


Steps to become a call boy in India –

Now I know many of us are curious to know how you can join gigolo jobs in Mumbai without wasting your valuable time in so many things. So for helping you out here I’m sharing an easy step by step process how you can find and join a call boy job in India -


  1. Make a list of all male escorts job providers by browsing the Internet.
  2. Visit their website one by one and choose a suitable one for you.
  3. Fill Up their joining form by providing all your necessary details.
  4. Get direct calls from women who are looking for escort service in Hyderabad
  5. Visit their place, fulfill their needs and earn as much as you want.


By following this easy step by step process you can easily join sex job in any city of India.


Conclusion -

Call boy jobs which is also well known as sex job in Delhi or in anyother city are one of the best ways of making money and building your career. I hope this article is going to help you how you can easily find a call boy job and join it. If you still have any doubts or want to learn more about this job you can also refer to or escort service India.

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Author: Amresh Sahoo | Created at: 15.09.2020


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