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Everyone in this world wants to live a happy and enjoyable lifestyle. But due to lack of sources and knowledge, many of us failed to do it. So here I am bringing an awesome way called ‘Adult Dating’. That can help you to create a better lifestyle for yourself.

Dating is not a new concept for today’s youth. It is as normal as all other things. But what if I tell you that you can make your living and earn good amounts of money by doing adult dating. Here in this article I am sharing all the details and information you need to know about Adult dating or male escort services.


Things to know about Adult Dating -

Adult dating, which is also well known as escort service in India, is one of the old and genuine ways of making love and money at the same time. In this modern society both single men and women choose to fulfill their desire by hiring an escort from adult dating sites and by joining a male escort job you can really make good amounts of money by fulfilling their needs.


Work of a Male Escort -

Now let’s discuss who is a male escort and what is the work of him.

As you understand from the word “Male Escort”, male escort are normal people with extraordinary skill in providing companionship and escort services. The main work of a male escort is to fulfill the desire and needs of modern and high society ladies by providing them his time with exchange of money.

Benefits you will get from Adult dating jobs -

There are thousands of benefits of a male escort or gigolo job in India.

However here are some important benefits you will get from adult dating jobs -

  1. Earn As much as you want.
  2. Get pleasure with money.
  3. Get a chance to live a rich lifestyle.
  4. You will never feel lonely again.
  5. Get a chance to experience love.


How to join an Adult dating or escort jobs in India -

Finding a male escort service job in India is a time taking and hard process for many people. But for making your work easy, we Desireplayboys are providing our joining process of adult dating job here -

  1. Search and find a genuine website like
  2. Visit them and fill up the joining form of Adult Dating jobs.
  3. Provide your details proof like Aadhar card to activate your Id.
  4. Get calls from clients and visit their place.
  5. Fulfill their desire and get directly paid from them.


By following this process you can join a sex dating job in India.

Frequently Asked Question about Adult Dating Jobs or male escort jobs - 

For solving more queries about escort services and jobs, here I am answering all the FAQ on it -

  1. Where can I get the best male escort service in India?

Ans: We are providing male escort services in metro cities of India like male escort Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Pune, etc. If your city was not listed in your website, contact us.


  1. Are male escorts and gigolos the same thing?

Ans: Yes, both male escort and gigolos are the same thing. While Gigolos are more handsome and have good physique as compared to male escorts.


  1. How can a woman find a Male Escort?

Ans: Women can find a male escort by doing the following steps -

  1. Visit a genuine male escort website like
  2. We have thousands of verified male escort profiles.
  3. Choose a male escort according to your desire.
  4. Directly contact the guy or take help of our agents.
  5. Choose the location and fulfill your fantasy.


As I told you before in this article, a career in male escort service in Delhi or in any other city can change your life completely. You can earn as much as you want by fulfilling the desire and need of women seeking men in India. For more information about free adult dating jobs visit

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Author: Amresh Sahoo | Created at: 22.05.2020


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