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Great urban plazas are the living room of the town. They represent the public space where people gather to enjoy the city and each other. A well-designed urban plaza that encourages outdoor activity and human communication could bring social harmony to the community. Different factors may affect the use of each place and result in a diversity of visitors. Whyte gave a profound analysis of the features of small urban places. Following these characteristics, it is possible to make functional vibrant plazas filled with different people from all walks of life.

An important feature of successful urban plazas is their location within the city and metro area. Plaza in a good location is filled with a large number of pass-through pedestrian tracks and surrounded by lots of office towers, apartment buildings, and hotels. Besides, functional plazas have good connections leading both to and from urban plazas to other parts of the city. In addition, plazas should be distinctive, reflect the local character of the area, and have a variety of features that give places originality within the overall view of the outward urban environment.

Safety and comfort are no less important characteristics of small urban plazas. People should not experience fear of stumbling, falling, or being attacked. Safe plazas have buildings facing into them, separate bicycle paths, and wide and well-lit lanes. Comfort features include environmental factors, such as protection from wind and shade, physical comfort, including sufficient and comfortable seating, and social and psychological comfort that ensures privacy.

Enjoyment and providing passive and active engagement are also very considerable characteristics. Passive engagement, which is usually supported by views and street art, means people stay calm and relax. Active engagement leads to more interaction with other people in plazas. Urban elements such as benches or fountains can prompt social contact. Enjoyment represents a variety of nice events, including art exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and other performances.

Thus, to enhance the use of small urban plazas, landscape designers should work more on creating a visitors-oriented place with facilities that stimulate active use rather than upgrading ornamental flora and accessories.

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Author: Amlia Watson | Created at: 29.07.2021


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