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ITIL is a promising framework that has provided many organizations with a set of practices and principles that can be followed to achieve project-related goals while aligning business goals.

Along with introducing new and better ways to tackle any risk while running any project, it has also kept updating from time to time. Some years ago, the ITIL organization came up with the 3rd version of the ITIL framework and certifications. And recently, it has come up with the ITIL version 4, which is undoubtedly better than the previous version. It said that ITIL version 4 consists of better practices and principles that can be implemented by an organization to achieve goals related to their projects and business simultaneously. It is said that it has also redeveloped and redefined some of the practice is based on the stages of project management. These promising new changes in the ITIL Certification version 4 are said to be highly efficient for a continuously changing, fast-paced market. 


You must have stumbled upon various articles endorsing the ITIL 4 certification. This has created chaos amongst those who want to adopt the ITIL framework as their primary methodology. As it is new in the market, most people don’t know the reasons why they should adopt this version of the ITIL framework and certification. While organizations are discussing the profits and losses of the ITIL 4 framework, on the other hand, professionals who want to work in such organizations are curious to know about the advantages of achieving the new ITIL 4 certifications. If you are one of such professionals who want to know why it is important to achieve the ITIL4 certification, then this article can help those who satisfy your curiosity. In this article, we will discuss the reasons to achieve ITIL 4certification. And by going through all these reasons, you will be able to understand why it is better for you to achieve this certification.


The reasons that support the benefit of achieving the ITIL 4 certification


  • Being Shortlisted 

Speaking of the ITIL 4 Foundation certification, the major reason for achieving this certification is to get shortlisted easily. Most of the companies who rely upon the ITIL framework would obviously ask their applicants to have a basic and fundamental knowledge of the ITIL framework and principles. When you achieve the ITIL 4 Foundation certification, it not only shows that you have the required knowledge to work in such an organization, but it also stands as evidence of you having the knowledge of the newest version of the ITIL framework. 


Now let us think in another way, for instance, an organization that does not follow any framework but demands something extraordinary in the CV of their applicants. In such a situation obtaining the ITIL for certification will not only show that you are passionate enough to work for an organization, but it also increases your chance to outshine other non-certified professionals. Although the ITIL 4 certification is a foundational certification, no organization can deny the importance of such certification. So, this is how it becomes easy for you to get shortlisted with such certification.


  • It has redefined the scale of communication.

ITIL version 4 is different from other versions of ITIL. In this version, they have added new and flexible terminologies that can help you to communicate with the present-day stakeholders effectively. This certification is updated in such a way that many new contents are added to it, so no matter how experienced you are or what version of ITIL certification you have obtained, you will have to achieve the ITIL 4 Foundation certification by any means to stay updated and relevant. By adding new terminologies in the course of ITIL4 certification, the ITIL foundation has elaborated and redefined the scale of communication. However, such an addition in communication skills will make it easy for you to adjust to any organization currently in the market.


  • Embrace and grow

Do not this article you must have learned about the idea of ITIL foundation and how it introduces new ideas from time to time. These ideas are not vague. Rather these ideas will help you to stay relevant with time. If you work in an IT service management team or organization, you must be familiar with the frequently changing environment of IT Services. The field of it is highly competitive, and to stay relevant, you will have to learn and embrace new ideas. Whatever the change that comes with the new ITIL 4 certification and course, you should embrace such change with an open mind. And by doing so, you will be able to learn new terminologies just have lived in the field of IT service management.

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Author: Akshita Varma | Created at: 08.01.2021


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