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The global restaurant and food retail industry are growing rapidly with anticipation to reach USD 20 trillion by the year 2030. Amongst several key trends involved in this business model, the advances in technology inclusive of both mobile and web are contributing a great share.

Nowadays, the competitors are easily redefining the consumer’s expectations with compelling mobile apps while offering them uniquely assorted value propositions. This way, retailers can experience strong disrupt in global competitive landscapes.

If we consider today’s food industry, it is successfully winning the food scarcity challenge by making delivery services available to consumers. And, this success is made possible with the emerging and expanding mobile technologies such as Android.

The overall market of Android is quite huge, and it is currently dominating the marketplace with a total share of 76.67 percent. Simply hire Android app developer, and retailers can set up powerful food ordering apps in no time. In this post, we shall be focusing on different ways in which Android apps can benefit your business of restaurant and food retail online.

Let us explore!


Being open-source and free, Android is the first preference of many retailers. Every Android app development comes with low entry barriers while leveraging start-ups, and SMEs get a seamless and world-class development experience.

Moreover, the Android SDK is easy to exploit in favor of building apps for various purposes. It certainly enables businesses to minimize the cost of building and licensing the apps.


Since its inception, the sole aim of Android has been dedicated to providing complete security and privacy for its users. With Android, app developers can exploit an interface that offers layered security, transparency, and openness. Moreover, Android partners with Google to facilitate safety to its relevant devices.

Leverage Android’s hardware and software to prevent any sort of intrusions in the payment. Undoubtedly, if you are planning to set up a food ordering app, you would deal with financial transactions too that involve consumers’ sensitive information such as credit/debit card details or so. With several built-in safeguards and time-to-time security updates/patches, you can easily provide adequate security to end-users.


With the advent of the latest version, i.e., Android 10, you would unleash new user protection parameters. Better biometrics, high-performance codecs, fast-loading apps, NNAPI, media, and APIs for foldable are amongst some of the core features of Android 10.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Most of the Android devices support near field communications that mean you can make the payment process easier than keeping credit cards or cash, ready at the user end. If you choose to support this feature in your food ordering app, your customers simply need to place an order with your app, and the payment can be processed once the food is delivered at the user’s doors.

You can also give away coupons to your consumers after consumption or allow them to accumulate points for exchange of any sort of discounts or gifts using membership cards, to allure them to visit again to your app.


An Android platform offers more customizable UI than any other available in the market, which is quite changing the trend in the marketplace. The mobile developers can easily build their versions and insert the required features and functionalities in their apps while exploiting the default Android SDK.

The restaurant and food industry is a vibrating one that is capturing the digitally-driven consumer’s interest a lot. And, to serve them, several hoteliers or retailers are jumping into the competition of digital food and restaurant retail. Probing further, Android is a wonderful platform that does not only support the restaurant and food industry, but also others too. It is that technological boon to the mobile technology that can work wonders if handled and exploited appropriately.

Coming to end, I am being hopeful that you find this article useful and informative while deciding between different app development platforms available in the marketplace.

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Author: Akshit rana | Created at: 07.11.2019


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