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How Universities in Oman reform their marketing Tactics after the Pandemic

In the face of a pandemic, there is nothing more satisfying than helping students realize their potential and pursue higher education. By making the right choice, they can achieve great things. 

It is necessary to demonstrate the efforts made by educational institutions and students in order to provide real worth. Convincing students to choose an institution and why it’s their best choice is crucial.  

Having the goal of making the university visible within the GCC and to potential students, Universities in Omanbrevamped itheir  marketing strategies. The idea was to increase the  online presence, student inquiries, admissions, brand value, and return on marketing investment. This blog post gives a glimpse of how a university in Oman succeeded in  building its image post pandemic.  

On the Internet, there are a lot of students, thus the question is,” how can you get their attention?”   

Marketing Strategies at Sohar University (SU) 

To deal with this problem Sohar University made some reforms in its marketing strategies. They tried understanding the factors that motivate potential students to learn more about the institution before to making a final decision. 

It has centralized planning and reporting systems to ensure everyone is aware of their role and how it impacts other departments. It ensured that the staff has access to the most recent data about prospective students and alumni sponsors.  

Following are a few strategies undertaken by Sohar university after the pandemic:  


Highlighting the achievements of the university in newspapers, magazines, and other media.  


To evaluate competitors’ strategies, compare their educational programs. This will help in determining what is available and what the client needs and how to enhance our policies further.  


Use of social media for university related marketing and communication of information.  


Creating a university brand with digital awareness.  


Understanding the evolving needs of potential customers.  


Forging into content marketing is helping to define and promote the university as a brand. It helps to deal with problems like the pandemic and associates students with the vision and mission of the university. In the present era, content marketing is necessary for advertising your institution and image building in the minds of potential students. 


Setting up a blog: Blogs enable organisations to communicate, promote, and brand themselves. As platforms grow worldwide, more people can view the content, and if it’s good, boom!  


Reviving and revamping the university website  


The pandemic has made many people afraid and cast doubt on the quality of education, rankings of universities, and its stability. It is important to be positive and connect in the same way digitally to keep the university growing. Educational institutes have to develop a strong, consistent brand identity, which Sohar University is doing well.

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Author: Adsu adsu | Created at: 24.01.2023


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