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Get The Idea Of Key Reasons Of Love Problem And How To Solve Them. Get The Simple And Effective Tips To Solve Problems. Know What Are The Important Factor In Love Life. Love is the most spectacular, indescribable, deep feeling for someone. You can not control this emotions it’s naturally come towards your special person. It is unconditional love towards someone and you will also feel very special for your lover. Here you will know more about love calculator, what are the problems you face and how to solve these problems. Love Calculator There is an interesting way to calculate your love relationship. That means you can understand how much both of you love each other. If you are single and wanted to propose someone who is special to you then also you can use love calculator. So lets understand how to calculate your love life by using love calculator • First write two names and between them write “ love” • For example write two names JENNY LOVES JHONE • First match the alphabets from left side and which are same count as 2, which are not same count as 1. Let’s start count J E N N Y L O V E S J H O N E 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 • After that add two numbers sequentially taking from left end and right end. 2 2 2 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 2 • Again do the same, add two numbers from taking two ends after that 6 remains middle. 5 6 3 • Finally add two numbers from both end and write. The result will be 86. So finally the percentage of love is 86%. Which is very good. 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Relationship For a good relationship love couple should always be careful. If you are facing any problem in your love life or don’t want to get problem in relationship then you should avoid these common mistakes which are discussed below. • Communicate properly One of the most important thing in relationship is the communication. In love life communication is the important key factor. If you both don’t talk each other then how both of will solve any kind of problem. So proper communication is required. • Time If you are in a relationship how much you are busy it doesn’t matter. Matter only to give time to your lover. That doesn’t mean that spend whole with your lover. Give quality time to your lover where you only talk to lover, no phone check, no laptop, no talk about work. Just be with your loved ones. • Expectations Having expectation with each other is a natural thing. But more than the reality is not good in a relationship. Both of you must have to understand each other and while you feel something not good then discuss with your lover. Otherwise it may become serous problem in future. • Misunderstanding All problems root cause is misunderstanding. This occur due to lack of communication or not understanding properly each other. So to avoid this problem first of all one must have to understand what your lover really want from you. If there any problem obtained then suddenly talk with each other which will solve the problem within few hours. • Ignorance Don’t ignore your lover what ever the situation will be otherwise this led to having problem in your love life. If you don’t have time to talk to him/her or cannot go for walk or to celebrate something then you can just tell all the problems or having working pressure. You should discuss with your lover which will feel that he/she is not ignored at all. • Ego The word ego itself tells how much giving importance than other people. While ego remains in a relationship that relationship will not live longer. This destroy the love between the two people. So you should avoid ego in your relationship. If you have any problems, arguments, misunderstanding or even both of you don’t talk with each other for some reasons. You should talk with your lover first don’t wait. Vedic Way To Solve Your Love Problem Instantly There is an another and the most oldest way to solve your love problem that is by taking the help of astrology. By using astrology not only you can solve your today’s problem but also you can know what are the obstacles coming in future. You can consult with best love problem solution astrologer who will help you in solving your love problem. If your love ended up by break up then also you can take the help of love vashikaran black magic specialist molvi ji who can get your love back. How To Solve Love Marriage Problem? In ancient times most of the people do arrange marriage. Now every want to marry their loved ones. But in love marriage there are many love marriage problem arises like lover is not agree in marriage, parents not agree, misunderstanding, caste and religion and many more. If you are facing any of problem or any other problem then you can take the help of love marriage problem solution baba ji who can solve your problem within short period of time. To conclude all of this love is a beautiful relationship between the two individuals. If you are in a relationship but facing a lot of problems then you can follow above steps to solve your problem or you can take the help of love vashikaran specialist. If you are single and want to propose someone or want to have a girlfriend then you also call us at +91 9776190123 or visit our website where you can directly know about more other services and can directly meet to solve your problem.
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Author: Acharya Basant | Created at: 14.02.2020


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