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Get the information about black magic and know what are the symptoms of black magic. You will get to know how to get rid of black magic by using different methods. Black magic is the most effective way to solve any kind of problem. This is famous all over the world with different names like curse, voodoo or witch craft. By using this technique one can gave harm or benefits to anyone. But mostly people using this method in bad intensions. The most important factor in black magic is it’s spell. Without black magic spell the appropriate result will not come out. The person who practices such technique called black magic specialist. Symptoms Of Black Magic Before starting the practice of black magic one must know how to remove black magic by using black magic spells. But to remove black one must thoroughly understand what are the symptoms of black magic. So let’s discuss the symptoms of black magic • Unusual dust or powder such as flour scattered inside or outside the home • Pins and needles that are poked into the furniture or around the home • Holes that have been cut out of peoples garments • Finding clothes that have been stained with the likes of blood • Finding strange scary objects and smells in the bathroom • Symbols carved inside or outside the home • Seeing water or liquid sprinkled outside the home by the doorway or over the doorstep • Broken eggs on the doorstep • Nails that have been nailed into the door • Being extremely volatile • Anger occurring for small things • Crying for no reason • Tendency towards sin • Eyes appearing as if has been taking drugs or alcohol • Vomiting or feeling the want to vomit • Blood pouring out of the mouth without a medical reason • Continuous bleeding for women • Repeated miscarriage • Constant headaches and feeling pain in the stomach If you find any of the above symptoms then you will be sure that person is black magic by someone. Now let us discuss about the methods of removal of black magic. 5 Ways To Remove Black Magic Now discuss effective ways to remove black magic The Lemon Remedy In the morning of full moon keep a fresh lemon in your hand and chant this mantra मंत्र ओम् नमो कलां रूपाय अमुकं भस्मं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा Mantra (Aum naamo kala roopaya amukam bhaseem kuru kuru swaaha) After that cut the lemon in to two places then keep one outside of the house and another keep center of your house where you sleep. The very next day through away these two lemons in river and do the same process with another lemon. Continue this process up to 11 days. After that you will be free from black magic. In this way you can remove black magic by lemon. The Rose Remedy Rose are the most beautiful flower in the world. But with that this flower also can be helpful in removing of black magic. Put a cup of rose water and white petals from 12 roses and mix it properly. After that add this water with warm water where you will take bath. Then sit properly there and chant this mantra for 11 times मंत्र ओम नमः शिवाय शांताय तेजसे सर्वदिष्ठानाय सर्वसमर्थाय नमः शिवाय ओम || Mantra Om namaa shivaya shantaya tejse sarvadhishtanaaya sarvasmarthaya namah shivaya om Do this process for 21 days which will help to remove black magic. The Salt Water Cure First keep a large bucket with warm water where you can sit easily. Then add a mixture of one cup of sea salt, one cup of Epsom salt, and a 50g of baking soda with it. Then slowly go inside that bucket keep your body there up to 40 minutes and chant this mantra. मंत्र महाशति महामरी जखै घी पिंड उतारे द्रुति | जाव पयानत सब दोष हम दत्त || Mantra (Mahasati mahamari jakhaai ghe pind uttar drusti, java paanyaant sab dosh hum fatt fatt) After that wake up. You will feel that you are totally cured. Magic Mirror Remedy This method will remove black magic when you know who has done this to you. First take a mirror and stand in front of that mirror with keeping black salt in a container in your hand. Place a photo of that person on the opposite side of that mirror and chant this mantra for 21 times. मंत्र ओम् ह्रीं श्रीं वता वासिनी यक्ष कुला प्रशसु वात यक्षिणी अहि अहि स्वाहा || mantra (Om hreem shreem vata vaasini yaksha kulaprasute vata yakshini ehi ehi swaha) The mirror will reflect the bad energy from you back to that person. This will help in removing black magic. Magic Doll Remedy Most of the time doll used to black magic a targeted person. However, you can also use a doll for cure from black magic. Make a doll to represent that person who is targeted. First make a circle as shown in picture and stand with that doll. Then you can use real black magic spells for 21 times. मंत्र ओम नमो आदेश गुरुको नाल बन्धु नालबाई बन्धु बन्धु तुंबाबाई, मेरी बन्धई न बड़हया से हनुमान जती क्या दुहाई शबद सांचा पिंड कंचन चरण मन्त्र ईश्वरी रचा Mantra (Om Namo adesh guruko nal bandhu nalbai bandhu bandhu tumbabai, meri bnadhai na badhaya to hanuman jati ki duhai shabd saancha pind kaancha chalo mantra ishwari racha) When you feel that there is no sign of black magic then dispose that doll very away from you. This will permanently remove black magic from you. All of these method are very powerful so be careful while performing this techniques. But you should consult with aghori black magic removal specialist who can help you in this process. So to conclude this you get an overall idea about black magic, symptoms of black magic and how to remove black magic by using different remedies or objects. If you want to know more about black magic or facing any problem in your life which you cannot solve by yourself then you can directly visit our website by searching or call us at +91 9776190123 for consulting our black magic removal specialist. What is vashikaran? Vashikaran is technique where you can control any person to do your desired work. This is the most powerful way to control anyone. By the help of this method you can solve your problem. In simple word vashikaran is known as hypnotism. You can also love someone or can attract someone by using this technique. Some objects are required to perform vashikaran, that are photo name hair piece of cloth Any of the above object can be useful in vashikaran. And one more thing is the mantra. This is the most important because mantra will complete this process. The vibrations which are generated by vashikaran will go to the targeted person by the help of mantra. But one person should be very care full while performing this rituals. Because there is a chance of adverse effect on it.
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Author: Acharya Basant | Created at: 12.02.2020


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