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Who is Armand Vallin Feigenbaum
Armand Vallin Feigenbaum is an American quality control expert and businessman.

Armand Vallin Feigenbaum

“Pursuing excellence, deep recognition that what you are doing is right, is the strongest motivation in any organization and is the main driver for true leadership qualities.”
Armand Feigenbaum

Armand Vallin Feigenbaum was born in 1922 in USA. He received his bachelor’s degree at Union College in Schenectady (NY), and a master’s degree and doctorate received at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In the years 1958-1968 he worked as a production manager at General Electric. He was also part of the advisory group of the United States Army.

His name is associated particularly with the concept of Total Quality Control, today known as Total Quality Management (TQM).

He published his ideas in the book “Total Quality Control”, which was first published in 1951 under the title “Quality Control: Principles, Practice, and Administration.”

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