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What are Application Software, Application, App
Application Software (shortly known as application) is a summary term for a software with which user works and which needs system software to its run.

Application Software (shortly known as application or app) is a summary term for a software, with which the user works and which needs system software to run. The application software includes:

  • Office suite
  • Communication programs
  • Graphic programs
  • Antivirus and security programs - such as antivirus, firewall
  • Business applications
    • Content Management Systems - ECM
    • Enterprise Resource Management Systems - ERP
    • Economic and Accounting systems
    • Systems for managing human resources - HRM
    • Systems for Customer Relationship Management - CRM
    • Systems for asset management
    • IT Management Systems
    • Management Information Systems, Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management Tools
  • GIS (Geographic Information System)
  • Development tools (for creating software)
  • Web Applications

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Last update: 22.09.2015

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